June 23, 2009

Democrats are cowards!

Ron Paul recently put the cowardly-Democrats in their place by calling them out on being the hypocrites that they are. During the Bush Crime Family years they were all up in arms about the war in Iraq and they voted against Bush's spending bills. Now that the new emperor is in Rome (Washington D.C.) they bend over backwards to endorse these murderous wars.

Ron Paul calls it how it is:
As Americans struggle through the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, this emergency supplemental appropriations bill sends billions of dollars overseas as foreign aid. Included in this appropriation is $660 million for Gaza, $555 million for Israel, $310 million for Egypt, $300 million for Jordan, and $420 million for Mexico. Some $889 million will be sent to the United Nations for “peacekeeping” missions. Almost one billion dollars will be sent overseas to address the global financial crisis outside our borders and nearly $8 billion will be spent to address a “potential pandemic flu.”

The Democrats are ass holes. If you are pro-peace you have better abandon that ship full of rats and neo-con war mongers. You already know the Republicans have been a lost cause since Lincoln so if you choose on participating in this corrupt political system seek elsewhere for your party affiliation.

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March 04, 2009

The Root of All Evil - 'nuff said!

Whenever I'm trying to argue and explain the virtues of using natural money (and not the fake, fiat paper notes we're accustomed to) I pretty much use the same reasoning that Paul Hein used in his article on LewRockwell.com titled The Root of all Evil.
Yet, his way of explaining it is so perfect that I'll share part of it here:

By contrast, today’s wages lose value – measurable only in a frequently redefined "purchasing power" – with every passing month. A "fixed income" means a constantly decreasing standard of living. So Mom goes to work, although that means giving part of her earnings to Uncle Sam, buying a second car, and putting the children in day care: in the end, not as rewarding as hoped. Maybe Dad gets a second, part-time, job. With all of this work, there should be some reward: maybe a boat, a country club membership, a larger home. Easy to obtain with easy money! It’s not hard to see how money, and getting more of it, could become a virtual obsession. You’re working so hard; why shouldn’t you have something to show for it? Living at the brink of, or beyond, one’s means has become all too common. Well, we’re witnessing what happens when that bubble bursts. But the bubble would never have existed if money was a tangible good, not created with the stroke of the banker’s pen.

Money is indispensable to civilization. Individuals or families living in isolation don’t need money; what would they buy? But put people together in cities, to enjoy the benefits of the division of labor, and they need some sort of common bartering agent. That is the role of money. Without it, civilization is impossible. When money is withdrawn from society slowly, and replaced with fiat, or imaginary money, society sickens. The process is gradual, like the heating of the water in the pot containing the frog, but sooner or later, the situation becomes unbearable. If there are no standards for money, other standards will fade away as well. Money circulates through the body politic; if it goes bad, that body deteriorates.

So look about once again. What you see is the collapse of a society built upon a bubble of deceit and dishonesty, a society which has been trying to borrow itself into prosperity. It’s happened before, many times. A fiat "money" eventually reaches its intrinsic value. Do we learn from experience? In monetary matters, the answer would seem to be "NO!" And civilization crumbles, on a foundation of fiat.

A sound society needs sound money.

Paul hit it right on the nose. Spread the word and reject this corrupt monetary system that is ruining our standard of living!

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February 05, 2009

Abolish the Fed: Seperation of Money and State

Ron Paul has introduced "The Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act, H.R. 833" which will serve as the ultimate "stimulus" to our economy.

I'm reminded of a debate I had 6 months or so ago when the Bush Crime Family was trying to get the first bailout passed. A co-worker was crying about the urgency of this bailout because the markets would crash without it. Guess what? The first, second and now the new bailouts will come and go and the markets will still crash and burn regardless.

I know how "progressive" liberals love to argue for the separation of Church and State (but then they go ahead and worship Obama and drown in irony) and in my opinion you cannot find a separation big enough to satisfy me. The separation of Church and State should be bigger than the grand canyon if I had it my way. But the separation of Money and State should be deeper and wider!!

Whatever arguments you can make of keeping the State out of our religion can also be made for keeping them out of finances. Everything that the State touches it destroys, corrupts, distorts and violates. We the people can and should decide what our money should be, what the interest rates should be and weather or not we fell like borrowing or saving.

The Federal Reserve is like a perverted joke of an institution and now it has led us to the greatest world-wide depression in human history. If we abolish it now we can start rebuilding our economy on more stable ground. Read more reasons here!

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September 16, 2008

Obama was late... Ron Paul saw it coming 5 years ago!

Over at DailyKos.com, a recommended diary is flaunting Barack Obama's claim that he was trying to prevent this economic depression with this 2006 legislation to prevent mortgage "fraud, risk, or abuse".

That's really sweet and all on Obama's part but his legislation would only nip at part of the problem. Exactly 5 years ago Ron Paul sought to uproot and strike at the very heart of the crash in housing prices! Read Ron Paul's warning in 2003:

I hope today's hearing sheds light on how special privileges granted to GSEs distort the housing market and endanger American taxpayers. Congress should act to remove taxpayer support from the housing GSEs before the bubble bursts and taxpayers are once again forced to bail out investors who were misled by foolish government interference in the market. I therefore hope this committee will soon stand up for American taxpayers and investors by acting on my Free Housing Market Enhancement Act.

As of this week the Federal Government has had to continue bailing out more of these irresponsible firms, including the very two culprits Ron Paul was warning against, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac! Your tax dollars at work. How can I get the Federal Government to bail me out if my small company fails? If the FED gave me that kind of promise you bet I'd ride the gravy train all the way to the bank like wall street just did these past few years.

Once again, the type of "change" Obama is proposing is only fluff compared to what our country really needs. Like Flava Flav says, "Don't believe the hype!"

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August 25, 2008

Gasoline prices haven't changed in 45 years!

If you are paying for your gasoline in American Dollars, essentially fake fiat paper notes backed by bullshit, then the price of gasoline is eating you alive in the last few years. But since 1995 check out how the price of Gold has also gone up (if you are paying for it in US Dollars / per ounce):

Price of Gold:

Now check out how the price of Gasoline has risen in the same amount of time.
Price of Gasoline per Gallon:

The price of Gold and the price of Gasoline have nearly risen identically in the last 10 years! If you were buying gasoline for $1.40 a gallon in 2000 and buying an ounce of gold for about $275 a ounce as well then multiply both by 3 and in 2008 you are still getting gasoline for $4 a gallon and gold for about $800 an ounce.

If our money was backed by gold and silver, then since 2000, the price of a gallon of gasoline HAS NOT CHANGED!

Why? Lets check out the value of a US dollar since 2000:
Value of the US Dollar:

It pretty much tanked by the same amount. Its chart is going in the opposite direction of both gold and gasoline. God isn't making any more gold, silver and gasoline. All that was deposited on Earth is already here. But the Federal reserve is printing up more dollars and "watering down" their value everyday.

If this is not good enough then lets take it back 45 years ago:
That [1960's] quarter came close to paying for a gallon of gas that year – the average price per gallon was 30 cents. And the 1963 (or earlier) quarter was, shall we say, sturdier than today’s version: 90 percent silver, 10 percent copper. Today’s quarters, according to the U.S. Mint, “are ‘clad,’ which means layered. The inner core is pure copper and the outer covering is copper mixed with nickel.”

A quarter weighs about a fifth of an ounce. At today’s silver price of around $18 per ounce, the 1963 quarter had the equivalent of today’s $3.24 of silver in it. Thus, silver essentially buys the same amount of gasoline today that it did 45 years ago.

Our American money is a scam. Obama talks about change but he's not mentioning the REAL root of the problem. The whole system is a scam and Barack Obama is only putting lipstick on the pig.

Start adding a few silver and gold coins to your savings if you want to stay ahead of the never ending federal counterfeiting scheme!

*Note: Don't take investment advice from any blogger without doing your own research first. Peace!

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