November 05, 2008

Florida's 3rd Party Presidential Results

A total of about 59,131 voters can rest with a clean conscience in Florida for not having endorsed Obama or McCain. According to the Florida Dept of Elections here were the top 2008 Presidential vote winners:

1) Nader / Gonzalez: 26,537

2) Barr / Root: 16,240

3) Baldwin / Castle: 7,524

4) McKinney / Clemente: 2,690

5) Keyes / Rohrbough: 2,379

6) La Riva / Puryear: 1,428

In 2004 61,744 voters chose a 3rd party candidate. Until all the votes are officially counted in Florida it will seem that Obama's popularity and Bush-fatigue may have cost the non War Party candidates a few votes this year. More work needs to be done to wean the public off the Demo-Publican duopoly of tyranny!

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