January 26, 2010

Videos from Haiti showing Relief Efforts

These two videos offer the unbiased perspective of volunteers on the ground helping the people of Haiti who are in desperate need. There are so many government road-blocks, both figurative and political, that are hampering the efforts of these non-government volunteers. More clips will follow!

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February 20, 2009

Anti-Imperial Puerto Rican Hip Hop

After a close friend and I met up recently, he was amused by the fact that I refer to Obama, not as president, but as emperor. Emperor Obama this, Emperor Obama that... is how I speak. He asked why, then I responded that if we're not an empire then someone needs to call Puerto Rico and tell them that they've been jipped all of these years. As the conversation progressed about the topic of Puerto Rico's independence, he showed me Calle 13's video:

If you speak fluent Spanish then you can't deny that this classic Calle 13 protest track is as hot as it gets. Enjoy Querido F.B.I..

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January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Dr. King... now lets put him on our Money

Back in April of 2005 I originally created this design showing what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would look like on a US $20 dollar bill. This was inspired by the movement to Put Dr. King on the 20. Being that today we celebrate his birthday and local AM radio stations are playing his "I Have A Dream" speech in it's entirety, I wanted to bring this campaign back to the forefront.

I guess the creators of this movement chose the $20 because President Andrew Jackson is the only non-Hamiltonian depicted in a widely circulated federal reserve note (and because he killed lots of innocent indians too). I personally would LOVE to have Dr. King replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10... but as long as the central bank exists they will not part with their patron saint. So Andrew Jackson is slim pickings for being replaced by one of the giants of the civil rights, anti-war, pro-peace and brotherhood movement.

Spread the word!

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December 14, 2008

Bush: So what if a guy threw a shoe at me?

Bush: "Its like driving down the street and have people not gesturing with all five fingers."


What a way to end a sorry excuse for a presidency. He should be arrested and tried for his crimes against humanity, but a flying shoe will do for now. Also, towards the end Bush makes a funny smirk when he thanks the Iraqi prime minister for "inviting him". Its smells like horse shit. I guess his little political stunt backfired.

There's no saving his legacy.

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December 06, 2008

Abe Lincoln the Tyrant

In response to Robert who wrote a comment on my last post, I had to reprint my response:

I appreciate your comment Robert. You gotta take a second look into the war between the states to really get my point. Never do I endorse nor support slavery in any way. But simple and plain... Abe Lincoln did not wage the war to free the slaves nor did Able care for their well-being or equal rights (he wanted to deport them back to Africa!) The war was about taxes (money). There is ample evidence that supports this. If you believe that the "Civil War" was about slavery than you must also believe that the Iraq war was about WMDs.

My point is that a so-called Catholic high school is putting a war-monger up on a pedestal as a model for proper conduct. It makes no sense because Jesus Christ was obviously anti-war (and anti-state for that matter).

During the 1860's there were many abolitionists (those who were working towards abolishing slavery) who were also anti-war, especially Lincoln's war of aggression. Read up on Lysander Spooner as a great example.

The brutality and viciousness of that war, then using the slaves as a scapegoat towards the end is what lead to the creation of the Klu Klux Klan by disgruntled and defeated Democrats. (For every action you get an equal and opposite reaction.)

Why do you think Dr. King's non-violent civil rights movement was so successful? The 1960's did more for equal rights than Lincoln's so called emancipation ever could. Lincoln used war, terror, homicide and humiliation to achieve his goals. Dr. King used love, peace, brotherhood, community-bonds and civilized discourse to help free those who were oppressed. (Peaceful action eventually reaps a peaceful reaction, like Obama being elected, makes sense?) The motivations and the results from both campaigns are like night and day.

We will eventually stop worshiping President Lincoln when we all realize the truth about this Republican, homicidal tyrant who disregarded the constitution and human life as well.

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August 30, 2008

Police State raids to protect the NAZI convention (GOP)


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June 27, 2008

Democrat Junk Mail

Its come to this. The Democrat Party keeps sending me junk mail trying to convince me to donate to their "cause". The first two instances I kindly sent a reply with the words "REMOVE ME" written on the donation slip. Well, those fuckers didn't get the message so now I'm sending them back my junk mail... the Winn Dixie specials, the Little Ceasar's Pizza coupons, the Jiffy Lube discount flyer... all of it. At least I tried to fill as much as I could until It was still barely able to seal the envelope with tape. I wonder how much postage this is this going to cost those fucks?

What's my beef? The most impeachable rat bastard in U.S. history is still sitting pretty in the white house as this gang of Democrat jack asses treat Bush like he's the teflon don. Cowards! They all swore oaths to protect the constitution, yet they are just protecting war criminals and murderers. We should bleed both the Democrats and the Republicans one postage-paid envelope at a time. I hope those jerks recycle my junk mail while their at it too.

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