June 07, 2007

Russ Feingold on restoring our Civil Liberties

Its kinda sad to say but out of the nearly 20 people running for president in 2008, none of them come as close to being on-point as Russ Feingold (with the exception of Ron Paul in his own way).

In the last days of the Republican controlled congress at the end of 2006, those rat bastard facist fuck-tards rammed through the Military Commissions Act which essentially expanded the powers of these tyrants in D.C. by shitting on Habeas Corpus. Senator Feingold is fighting to restore our Constitution and our Civil Liberties, this is what he said on this matter:

Mr. Chairman, this bill is part of our counterterrorism efforts, because we cannot begin to make a dent in terrorist recruitment and plotting worldwide without sending a clear message that the United States will adhere to the principles that make our country great. Our faithful adherence to checks and balances, fundamental fairness, and the rule of law has been and always will be one of our greatest strengths.

Last year, the President agreed to consult with Congress on the makeup of military commissions only because he was compelled to do so by the Supreme Court in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld. Congress should have taken that opportunity to pass legislation that would allow these trials to proceed in accordance with our laws and our values. Instead, we passed the Military Commissions Act, allowing the government to seize aliens on American soil or abroad, designate them “enemy combatants,” and, in one of the worst provisions of that bill, detain them indefinitely with no opportunity to challenge their detention in court.

It is time to start to undo the harm this legislation has caused.


Mr. Chairman, this state of affairs is unacceptable, and it almost surely violates our Constitution. But that determination will take years of protracted litigation. The Supreme Court has declined to review the D.C. Circuit’s decision on this issue, at least for now, so it is all the more urgent that Congress act to resolve this issue. We should restore the right to habeas corpus now. We must make clear that our laws do not permit the government to detain people – including people on U.S. soil -- indefinitely without court review. This bill is an important first step in reasserting the primacy of American values in our law. The elimination of habeas corpus in the Military Commissions Act was a historic and tragic mistake. It is time we correct it, and I congratulate you, Mr. Chairman, and Senator Specter, for moving so quickly to take this important step.

My theme this week is basically "civil liberties". The American colonists fought for our independence in 1776 from a tyrant (King George) and created a limited government that was supposed to safeguard our civil liberties. Yet slowly but surely the statists (Abe Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Bush, etc) eroded our freedoms in exchange for this bloated federal government that exists today. All of these sick bastards (including the fuckers running for president like Giuliani and Hillary) need to leave us the hell alone and choose honest-to-God professions like the rest of us and stay out of politics. These power-hungry career politicians will continue to shit on your civil liberties if you don't push back.

Thankfully Russ Feingold is providing a voice of reason in the senate.

Hopefully he runs for president after '08 and sets things straight, but I won't hold my breath for this current bunch of candidates (except Ron Paul).

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April 29, 2007

Must See TV: Why Hillary is full of Shit!

My mind has been made up for a long time about Hillary Clinton. She's full of shit whenever she tries to justify her vote for authorizing force against Iraq. She allowed congress to piss away it's constitutional authority to wage war and placed it squarely in the hands of the Bush Crime Family.

Fuck Hillary!

I still wish Russ Feingold would have ran for president... but I do understand why he decided to remain in the senate instead.

Check out this PBS special highlighting how the media fell for the lies that led us to this disastrous war. Surprising, even to me, was how many reporters were highly skeptical of the propaganda and how often their articles were buried and ignored. The facts were out there and the opposition did exist. I had no idea that many, including Senator Kennedy, expressed their doubts publicly and gave warnings of how this adventure in Iraq would be disastrous. I guess I wasn't paying much attention back then.

Again, Hillary should have known better. We pay these congress critters to stay up on these things and do what's best for our country. Fuck her and fuck these rat bastards who fed us this propaganda and the plate full of lies that has lead to so much death and destruction.

Watch the PBS special and you'll see why I'm so angry. Peace!

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