February 05, 2009

Abolish the Fed: Seperation of Money and State

Ron Paul has introduced "The Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act, H.R. 833" which will serve as the ultimate "stimulus" to our economy.

I'm reminded of a debate I had 6 months or so ago when the Bush Crime Family was trying to get the first bailout passed. A co-worker was crying about the urgency of this bailout because the markets would crash without it. Guess what? The first, second and now the new bailouts will come and go and the markets will still crash and burn regardless.

I know how "progressive" liberals love to argue for the separation of Church and State (but then they go ahead and worship Obama and drown in irony) and in my opinion you cannot find a separation big enough to satisfy me. The separation of Church and State should be bigger than the grand canyon if I had it my way. But the separation of Money and State should be deeper and wider!!

Whatever arguments you can make of keeping the State out of our religion can also be made for keeping them out of finances. Everything that the State touches it destroys, corrupts, distorts and violates. We the people can and should decide what our money should be, what the interest rates should be and weather or not we fell like borrowing or saving.

The Federal Reserve is like a perverted joke of an institution and now it has led us to the greatest world-wide depression in human history. If we abolish it now we can start rebuilding our economy on more stable ground. Read more reasons here!

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