June 28, 2005

We need Peace in Colombia

Today the House of Representatives is debating over the infamous "Plan Colombia". Several Democrats, including Reps. Jim McGovern (D-Massachusetts), Betty McCollum (D-Minnesota) and Dennis Moore (D-Kansas), have introduced an amendment that will cut some of the funding that is adding more fuel to the fire of that 40-year-old civil war that's cost thousands and thousands of lives in Colombia.

He's a little secret for the suits in Washington DC... after 40 years of civil war in Colombia, the PEOPLE WANT PEACE! 80% of the 3.2 Billion dollars provided for Plan Colombia have been exclusively for military aid. And ummmm... how's the drug trade doing? No, we haven't dented the production and importation of Cocaine into the US enough to justify those 3.2 Billion dollars? What? It's not working? Of course it's not because these bastards* don't understand the plight of the Colombia people. (*You rotten trigger-happy, shoot-em-up, military industrial complex-ass bastards!)

Here are quotes from a new article in the LA Times regarding the results of Plan Colombia:

"The [U.N.] numbers are devastating," said Adam Isacson of the Center for International Policy, which has argued that eradication campaigns must be accompanied by large-scale development efforts that offer peasants alternative livelihoods.

"The spraying, when it isn't accompanied by any alternative development, doesn't seem to discourage [coca farmers] from trying again, because there just aren't a lot of other good choices out there," Isacson said.

Peasants have responded by planting even more coca, hiding it under trees and among other crops, and turning to varieties that produce a higher yield, the U.N. report said.

Plan Colombia began under the Clinton administration primarily to fight drugs. But after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the Bush administration has emphasized counter-terrorism and regional security.

While some conservatives wish to cut funding for Colombia, many Democrats want to spend less on its military and more on rural economic development. Democratic critics also wonder whether the U.S. has an exit strategy for Colombia.

Why not spend those billions on more rural economic development programs to give farmers a profitable alternative to growing cocaine. Here in the US the federal government subsidizes farmers all of the time to keep the prices of milk and other produce fixed. Lets give the people a real choice so that the drug trade can be eradicated from the inside out and the farmers can provide an honest living for their families. Colombians want peace and with the right aid they will achieve peace. The key word is "peace", ya hear that, you Yosemite Sam, gun-totin', military state-ass Nazi bastards in Washington DC!

For more check out PeaceInColombia.org.

It's not about killing the violent, it's about empowering the peaceful.

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