December 14, 2008

Bush: So what if a guy threw a shoe at me?

Bush: "Its like driving down the street and have people not gesturing with all five fingers."


What a way to end a sorry excuse for a presidency. He should be arrested and tried for his crimes against humanity, but a flying shoe will do for now. Also, towards the end Bush makes a funny smirk when he thanks the Iraqi prime minister for "inviting him". Its smells like horse shit. I guess his little political stunt backfired.

There's no saving his legacy.

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August 01, 2008

Ron Paul body slams Congress

I'm going to have to reprint this word-for-word in it's entirety. To quote this or break this down will serve it no justice. Ron Paul has a way with words and you'll see the Dumb fuck Republicans and Democrats alike are not spared:

Statement before the US House of Representatives, July 30, 2008, on H. RES. 1370, Calling on the Government of the People's Republic of China to immediately end abuses of the human rights of its citizens

Madam Speaker, I rise in opposition to this resolution, which is yet another meaningless but provocative condemnation of China. It is this kind of jingoism that has led to such a low opinion of the United States abroad. Certainly I do not condone human rights abuses, wherever they may occur, but as Members of the US House of Representatives we have no authority over the Chinese government. It is our Constitutional responsibility to deal with abuses in our own country or those created abroad by our own foreign policies. Yet we are not debating a bill to close Guantanamo, where abuses have been documented. We are not debating a bill to withdraw from Iraq, where scores of innocents have been killed, injured, and abused due to our unprovoked attack on that country. We are not debating a bill to reverse the odious FISA bill passed recently which will result in extreme abuses of Americans by gutting the Fourth Amendment.

Instead of addressing these and scores of other pressing issues over which we do have authority, we prefer to spend our time criticizing a foreign government over which we have no authority and foreign domestic problems about which we have very little accurate information.

I do find it ironic that this resolution “calls on the Government of the People's Republic of China to begin earnest negotiations, without preconditions, directly with His Holiness the Dalai Lama or his representatives.” For years US policy has been that no meeting or negotiation could take place with Iran until certain preconditions are met by Iran. Among these is a demand that Iran cease uranium enrichment, which Iran has the right to do under the terms of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. It is little wonder why some claim that resolutions like this are hypocritical.

Instead of lecturing China, where I have no doubt there are problems as there are everywhere, I would suggest that we turn our attention to the very real threats in a United States where our civil liberties and human rights are being eroded on a steady basis. The Bible cautions against pointing out the speck in a neighbor’s eye while ignoring the log in one’s own. I suggest we contemplate this sound advice before bringing up such ill-conceived resolutions in the future.

'Nuff said!

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July 18, 2008

Bush has gone Ape Shit

We're officially in a full fledged depression. Banks are falling off the map like flies, our currency is worthless, the economy is slowly grinding to a halt and this ass fuck George W. Bush wants to spark another war in the middle east. How does the Bush Crime Family plan on paying for another war?

Remember physics class... energy cannot be created nor destroyed. The same goes for money and any store of value. You may print more dollars but the value they hold will transfer to other currencies and commodities. The universe will always balance itself out. In other words, the Federal Government can't play God, can't fuck with God's rules and will not print their way out of this mess with more fake fiat dollars.

The fact that Bush continues to defy the rules of the universe now that he's wrecked our country proves he's gone ape shit, but who's the biggest dummy when the jerk has managed to stay in power and will probably sit out his entire second term without an impeachment!

Get your Bush gone Ape Shit t-shirts, posters, bumper stickers and more!

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June 06, 2008

This week's shocking news!

Revealed: Secret plan to keep Iraq under US control


Bush misused Iraq intelligence - US Senate report

Gasp! The horror! Who woulda thunk?

And there is still about 20% of the US populations that still supports the Bush Crime Family? Shit, people are still rooting for Hilary? The entire lot of D.C. skallywags, pirates and grifters who enabled the murdering of over a MILLION Iraqi's for oil don't deserve our respect. Hilary enabled this mess. The cowardly Democrats shun a well deserved impeachment of the bums. God knows if Obama will do anything about it.

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April 14, 2008

McCain: "I detest war"


Even libertarians are proclaiming ABM (Anybody but McCain)! This jerk will sink the planet into more illegal wars.

Btw, check out the TV show "Warlords" on the Military Channel and you'll see how quaint it was when the U.S. President bothered to show he cared about the Constitution and not rush the country into war without a proper declaration from congress. As a matter of fact, McCain resembles Stalin or Hitler with his talk of 100 years of war and homicide.

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April 10, 2008

Another Ron Paul Smack-Down

Ron Paul has always been this direct and on-point, even before he ran for president this year. No matter what happens in the elections, keep an eye on Ron Paul as he will keep pointing out the lies of the Bush Crime Family.

Here Ron Paul shows that General "Betray-Us" doesn't even understand the Constitution! Aren't the military sworn to uphold and protect it? So what the hell is General Petraeus protecting? The Bush Crime Family of course.

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April 29, 2007

Must See TV: Why Hillary is full of Shit!

My mind has been made up for a long time about Hillary Clinton. She's full of shit whenever she tries to justify her vote for authorizing force against Iraq. She allowed congress to piss away it's constitutional authority to wage war and placed it squarely in the hands of the Bush Crime Family.

Fuck Hillary!

I still wish Russ Feingold would have ran for president... but I do understand why he decided to remain in the senate instead.

Check out this PBS special highlighting how the media fell for the lies that led us to this disastrous war. Surprising, even to me, was how many reporters were highly skeptical of the propaganda and how often their articles were buried and ignored. The facts were out there and the opposition did exist. I had no idea that many, including Senator Kennedy, expressed their doubts publicly and gave warnings of how this adventure in Iraq would be disastrous. I guess I wasn't paying much attention back then.

Again, Hillary should have known better. We pay these congress critters to stay up on these things and do what's best for our country. Fuck her and fuck these rat bastards who fed us this propaganda and the plate full of lies that has lead to so much death and destruction.

Watch the PBS special and you'll see why I'm so angry. Peace!

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April 02, 2007

9/11 Clues: Bush Knew

Read this funny (but depressing) quiz about President Chimpy's track record while in office. From one of the quiz responses you discover these nuggets of info...

July 26 2001:
n response to inquiries from CBS News over why Ashcroft was traveling exclusively by leased jet aircraft instead of commercial airlines, the Justice Department cited what it called a "threat assessment" by the FBI, and said Ashcroft has been advised to travel only by private jet for the remainder of his term.

"There was a threat assessment and there are guidelines. He is acting under the guidelines," an FBI spokesman said. Neither the FBI nor the Justice Department, however, would identify what the threat was, when it was detected or who made it.

Also from July 18 2001:
The head of Russia's Federal Bodyguard Service has warned of a plot by terrorist Osama bin Laden to assassinate George W. Bush at the summit and the U.S. President may be staying at U.S. Camp Darby military base in Livorno or offshore on the American aircraft carrier, USS Enterprise to avoid any terrorist risk.

Those fuckers all knew! Its undeniable by the amount of evidence that is out there. The Bush Crime Family stood to gain the most from this attack. All of these dumb-fuck statists who call themselves "Conservatives" fed right into the PATRIOT ACT bullshit. Now that the Democrats run congress, why are they too cowardly to end the war and bring the troops home immediately? This national nightmare all started out by the negligent homicide of hundreds of Americans on 9/11.

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January 28, 2007

Fuck the War!!!

Why we should pull out (according to Ronald Ray-Gun's former General):

Why you should NEVER join the armed forces now that the Military Industrial Congressional Complex has a poisonous influence on our government.

Why Iraq is a mess in the first place (and it aint Bush's incompetence).

Iran is next, the Marine Corps Times reports on how we're deliberately going out of our way to provoke Iran. Also, here is further proof that the Bush Crime Family wants to bomb the shit out of Iran, no matter what congress says.

Sadly, I have a close friend who is leaving for Marine Corp bootcamp next week. I wish her and all the service men/women the best. We'll do our best here at home to stop the nonesense and get you home safely.

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December 30, 2006

Saddam hanged for peanuts

You've already heard that Saddam Hussein was hanged today. In the Washington Post article this is the paragraph that jumped out at me the most:

Many Kurds were disappointed that Hussein was executed for the Dujail killings, widely viewed as a test case for the larger, and more significant, Anfal genocide trial. That trial, which began in August, was chronicling, often in painful testimonies, the systematic killings of tens of thousands of Kurds with chemical weapons and poison gas. Hussein was scheduled to return to the courtroom Jan. 8.

Word on the street is that the genocide case would have brought up the nasty fact that the U.S. supplied Saddam with the chemical weapons that he gassed the Kurds with. The fact that they rushed Saddam's execution is highly suspicious. Bush's pre-war excuses for invading Iraq included the "gassing of the Kurds", an excuse that the traditional media spread far and wide to justify this costly adventure. I'm not defending Saddam but I feel that we should have tried him for the genocide case first. God forbid we allow the evening news to remind the people of the United States of Amnesia that our government helped arm the same monster we toppled and executed.

Your tax dollars at work folks!

Read this article in regarding the big fuck-up that was Saddam's trial and execution.

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December 17, 2006

Iraq is now Ape Shit crazy!

Iraq is going ape shit crazy! Click on the image to read how Baghdad is being divided by the civil war, also check out these articles:

Still, I voted for Al Gore in 2000 and I'm going to brag about that till the cows come home. I'm doing my part (and loosing sleep over it) to enlighten my fellow man to the truth about these rat bastards. Dammit if only I could do more, and I will. History has vindicated me and other like-minded individuals who know that these aggressive and ill-willed policies spell nothing but disaster. God save us!

By the way, Apocalypto was the shit! Go see it.