January 15, 2010

Anarchy brings relief to Haiti

Down here in South Florida I was able to help PrimeTime Amusements in their efforts to collect supplies for the victims in Haiti. The entire operation was spontaneous and state-less (that's the anarchist part). There was ZERO government aid or involvement from start to finish, from donations collected in South Beach to aid distributed in Haiti.

The only contact with any government agents was them wondering whether or not to shut us down. But, after seeing so many volunteers working around-the-clock, dozens of News cameras swarming the location for interviews and footage and literally truck-after-truck filled to the brim with supplies, the goons backed off. The next day the Miami Beach police even volunteered to BRING people to our site to drop off supplies (maybe you can call that Government aid, but I think the lady cop was acting out of the kindness of her heart)!

After we collected in South Beach, the trucks drove to the Opa Locka airport where Turnberry Aviation volunteered to fly the supplies directly to Port Au Prince, Haiti. There a group of University of Miami Doctors headed by Dr. Barth Green will distribute the supplies.

Its an amazing experience so far and we will be collecting supplies until Monday, January 18th. If you live in South Florida, stop on by or do whatever it takes to make a difference in the lives of the victims in Haiti. This experience proves that we don't need politics or the State to help those in need.

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Dangerous Talk from Ron Paul

I've never head Ron Paul speak so viciously on any interview. He's really talking crazy shit about the State. This doesn't sound like a guy who's been in D.C. (in an out) for about 30 years. He actually sounds like an outsider who wants to tear down the establishment. He talks the talk and walks it too. If he ever gets elected president, the establishment will Kennedy him so fast...

The powers-that-be will fight with everything they got to keep Ron Paul and his kind from achieving the necessary power to shut down their gravy train in D.C. So expect the same sell-out hacks like Obama and Bush to keep getting elected.

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