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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The USA is a dictatorship, thank the Bush Crime Family

They finally legalized torture. Here's what you get with the latest "happy meal" courtesty of the Republican congress and the Bush Crime Family:

HR 6166 and S 3930 will do the following:
  • revoke habeas corpus
  • create a secret committee appointed by Bush and Rumsfeld that has the power to declare any person - even a US citizen - to be an enemy, instantly depriving them of their legal rights. There will be no appeal allowed.
  • allow police to search through your home without a search warrant
  • end protection of prisoners of war under the Geneva Conventions
  • give George W. Bush amnesty for any war crimes he has committed
  • allow for people to be put on trial in front of a kangaroo court military tribunal, even if they aren’t in any military, and have not engaged in military attacks against the USA
  • allow the government to convict people of crimes on the basis of secret evidence that the accused never sees
  • make it legal for the government to use testimony extracted through torture
  • end the legal right to be protected from forced self-incrimination
  • allow the government to imprison people without telling them what crimes they are being charged with
  • remove the right to cross-examine witnesses
  • allow for the records of trials to be kept secret from the American public
  • enable trials to begin even before a thorough investigation of the alleged crime has taken place
  • take away the right to a speedy trial, allowing people to fester behind bars without being charged of any crime

  • Join a local protest this thursday October 5th, let the Bush Crime Family know that you won't take this stripping of our civil liberties lying down.

    Conservatives say: GOP unfit to run congress

    Check out what Joseph Farrah from the conservative site had to say about the recent Republican pedophile scandal:

    This column is going to make me very unpopular with Republicans.

    I don't care. It must be said.

    Following the revelations about Florida Rep. Mark Foley's sexually suggestive e-mails to a 16-year-old congressional page, I have concluded Republicans are unworthy of retaining control of the federal government.

    I sincerely regret this is the case.

    Also, on the conservative blog, a life-long Republican expressed his shame and disgust with the Bush Crime Family:

    Folks, this is my last post on RedState. The simple fact is that for the last two years I think all of us have worked very hard, for free, to try to bolster a Republican majority that hasn't deserved our support. I've given hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours of my time, and I'm deeply ashamed of having been a part of this movement, and I think that Dave Winer of Scripting News has it right:

    Here's a Democrat that gives Republicans their due. Republicans broke the law, covered up, and they're going to jail. Ultimately this will be good for the Republican Party, it'll flush out the criminals that took over the party. Any Republican that sits by and says nothing is going down with the evildoers. Maybe sometime in this century it will be safe to vote Republican again, but it sure isn't now.

    And it isn't likely to be again, for me, for quite some time. This party got itself into power with hubris and it is leaving power because of its own inability to police itself. And that's about it as far as politics is concerned for me. I've enjoyed the conversations here with people who were as earnest and convinced that something wasn't rotten at the core of our party as I was. But I'm not interested in carrying their water any more.

    If the legalization of torture, illegal spying on citizens, this illegal war, the overgrown federal deficit, the CIA outing and treason, the lobbyists bribing the Republicans, or any other scandal hasn't pissed you off by now, they this should be the nail in the coffin.

    All of you "proud Republicans" reading this should be outrage, but if you are not, then you are as corrupt and rotten as these bastards.