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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Miami Memorial Day aftermath bullshit...

Just surfing the web and I'm starting to notice so much negative press about the South Beach / Miami events this memorial day weekend. I was there, I was out, I experienced it and worked my ass off all weekend doing promotions for record labels and myself. In my opinion, it was actually not at all as bad as they make it out to be.

Check out this bit of info from the Sun Sentinel:
A total of 557 people were arrested between Thursday morning and Saturday night on Miami Beach, where revelers flocked for a celebration of hip-hop music and culture known as Urban Beach Week. Most arrests were for disorderly conduct and intoxication. During the same three-day period last year, there were 333 arrests.

What was an example of disorderly conduct? Here:
Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas and forward Awvee Storey were arrested on charges of disobeying police, part of the crackdown on disorderly behavior among those who have flocked to Miami Beach for Memorial Day weekend.

Storey had been blocking traffic in the middle of a busy street when an officer told him to get back to the sidewalk Saturday night... Storey did not get out of the street, and the officer arrested him and charged him with failure to obey a command.

While police were arresting Storey, Arenas got out of a vehicle and walked toward the arresting officers... an officer told Arenas to get back in his vehicle, but he refused, ... [the] officer took Arenas into custody and charged him with resisting without violence.

Both players were then taken to jail for processing.

Lets be fair here. You see 500+ arrests and you'll pre-judge the Hip Hop festivities as being a wild and violent. But when you get down to the details you'll see that the majority of those arrests where over bullshit. Dumb shit like not obeying a command.

But to be fair, I do admit that this weekend was calmer than the rest, maybe the excessive police presence kept the crowds under control. I don't know. But what I did hear from many locals is that comparing this to the the Winter Music Conference (WMC), with the demographics being a bit more Caucasian, the police force is noticeably not as excessive. During the WMC there are PLENTY of fights, lots of intoxication, and hordes of people. When the less-urban WMC attendees fight in front of club Mansion, the police break it up and send them home. I personally am a witness to this! When we fight in front of club Mansion, another set of arrests are added to the total and those in fear of our Hip Hop culture celebrate another victory.

I'm just tossing out my opinion and my observations of the whole thing. Don't pre-judge the Hip Hop community or our events based on the total arrests. When the skin color changes... the police force does too.

Those who don't fear or shun the Hip Hop community made (or spent) a lot of money and had tons of fun this past weekend. Everyone else choose to be uncomfortable, but it's their right.

Credits: Rick Ross cover by Ozone Magazine, street pic by Fanless.


You can't deny the raw energy that is taking over South Florida right now. With the Miami Heat on the verge of visiting the NBA finals for the first time, Rick Ross scooping up a multi-million dollar deal with Def Jam and blazing every track he touches, and our Memorial Day weekend highlighted by Hip Hop celebrity parties and more, its great to be in this town. I'm caught up in the mix, plus I was featured in a two-page spread in the May issue of Urban American Newspaper that was circulated all over South Florida (I'll post the interview soon) where I touched on a lot of political stuff. Tha Union Entertainment is going to ride this wave that is putting Miami Hip Hop in the spotlight so that we can then spotlight the issues facing the Hip Hop community, the youth, the constitution, and humanity's struggle for peace, justice and liberty. Watch out!

(R.I.P. Rogger Hall - Southridge High quarterback & Richmond Hieghts representative)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

An inconvenient truth we should have seen coming.

I voted for Al Gore back in 2000 mostly on the issue of the environment and our energy policy. In those days gasoline was about a buck a gallon. I still foresaw this mess that we are facing today. I could smell the energy crisis looming and I anticipated this global warming bullshit to get worse. But, I'm not a scientist, I'm not a politician, fuck it, I was barely out of high school when I casted my vote in that precinct in Lil' Havana. I was just your average teenager at the time but I still felt Al Gore was the best option we had to prevent the worse from happening.

To this day I'm still the same tree-hugger I was in 2000 but now Bush's horrible administration turned me into a champion of civil liberties, probably just as much as I am of the environment. Everyday I see how better off we would have been with Gore in office. He may not be a saint, but dammit, we all know that millions of lives would not have been lost or ruined had Bush not been appointed president 6 years ago.

The good news is that Al Gore's new flik, An Inconvenient Truth, got a better review than the X-Men III. I hope people flood the movie theaters for it like Katrina flooded Bush's credibility and wake the fuck up to this environmental crisis we're experiencing. We need a tree-hugger in the white house ASAP!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Republican Congress: Racist & Hateful

Those Republicans in congress are up to their old tricks:
The Senate has approved a Republican proposal to designate English as the national language of the United States.
... the proposal declares that no one has "a right, entitlement, or claim to have the government of the United States or any of its officials or representatives act, communicate, perform or provide services or provide materials in any language other than English."

Over at, bink said it the best:
America is a country that is founded -- not on the basis of ethnicity, culture, race, religion or language -- but on the basis of a political philosophy that is expressed in our founding documents, primary among them The Constitution.

What makes us Americans is not that we all speak English. It's certainly not that we all have European ancestors. Or that we all come from, live in or are going to the same place.

What makes us Americans is that we believe, by consensus, in The Constitution. We believe that this document constitutes our nation. We believe that this document is what our country is.

Americans do not assert a "blood and soil" right to citizenship based on membership of any national group. The French, the Germans, the British have a national identity that is intertwined with the history of a people living on a certain plot of land. (Yes, I know that this, too, is a fiction.) The French, German and English languages play a role in constituting the "nationhood" of French, German and English people.

Americans have left all of that behind.

"English" cannot be the official language of the America I know, just as "White" cannot be the official skin color. Such designations are beneath The Constitution. They are beneath the spirit of this country. They limit us. They lessen us.

I personally believe that the congress is violating the 10th Amendment of the Constitution and stepping on the toes of the States and the local governments.

Here in Miami, the official languages are English/Spanish/Creole with most government documents and notices provided and all three languages. The Republicans Senators claim this proposal was "symbolic" just to cover their asses but like Senator Reid said the proposal was just racist!

I agree that The Constitution and our belief in Liberty binds us as Americans, not the language. As long as we live honest lives, contribute to society, and pay our taxes, it shouldn't matter what language we speak. This is the land of liberty and opportunity, not white English speakers.


On another note, how about them Clippers? I want to see Miami and the Clippers in the finals. Lets see what happens.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Chico Town: Quick Links

Lots of news is popping off this week:

Monday, May 15, 2006

Obie Trice: Detroit's violence and the Auto industry conspiracy

On Obie Trice speaks on the recent surge in violence:
"The climate is like 150 degrees homie, it's hot," says Obie Trice of the atmosphere in his home town. It's been that way though, it's just touching close to home now."

Quick to dismiss the suggestion that the violence in his city is being fueled by rappers and hip-hop, he explains the other factors -- such as a local economic crisis that resulted from the automobile industry leaving town -- have added to an overall aggressive attitude there.

"Aint no money in the city, niggas is broke," Trice laments. "The city's in a $130 million deficit right now. People are getting laid off."

The Detroit, Michigan / Windsor, Ontario metro areas depend heavily on the Auto industry and I've heard that there are already plans to move a few factories down to Mexico. When you pull the rug from under an entire community it can get ugly. I hope Obie Trice, Eminem, and D12 (R.I.P. Proof) can enlighten the rest of us on this situation.

On that note, if inner-city high school kids from Philly can build a hybrid sports car why can't the fucking egghead engineers at GM, Ford, or Chrysler do the same? When 8 of the top 10 corporations on the fucking planet are in the auto/oil business you can imagine that they must be partly responsible for preventing the advent of alternative/renewable energy and vehicles! Shell & GM put on a show but I haven't heard shit since then.

Auto sales are sagging and Detroit is feeling the pain.

[Update]: Check out a real 100+ MPG car. Again, after-market parts and ambitious citizens shit on the Auto industry's lack of initiative.

Mr. 29% bends over for extreme wackos

This past weekend I went canvassing to bring awareness to local residents about the upcoming mid-term elections and our choices on the ballot. Long story short, even republicans are pissed at Bush's administration (he's down to 29% approval). But the number 1 issue on most of their minds is... drum roll please... (drummmmmm) the ECONOMY! There was a young republican guy who said to us "The economy really sucks, and the gas prices too". He reluctantly admitted he was still a registered republican and had no plans to switch anytime soon yet still confessed he'd vote Democrat in November.

Basically if El Presidente Bush wants to bounce back from his all-time low 29% approval rating he needs to start tackling the gas prices and sagging wages.

What, you mean Bush is having a big speech tonight at 8pm EST live from the oval office? About what? The Economy?

NO... Sending the National Guard to the Mexican border! Honestly, who the fuck cares about catching a few extra border-jumpers when there are so many other important issues at hand? Who cares? Yes, you guessed it, the extreme right-wing, minute men, racist, paranoid, "the little brown people take our jobs" whining motherfuckers.

Bush doesn't want to do what's right for the country, he wants to shore up support with the "backwash" fanatics. Even decent Republicans who respect this country know Bush is wrong, I saw that for myself.

Photo of minute men courtesy of Orcinus.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

National ID | RFID | 666 | NSA | USA

Exactly one year and one day ago, I sadly posted the news that the National ID act passed in congress. The second blog post I ever published on on March 2nd 2005 mentioned the infamous RFID VeriChip. In January of 2006 I posted a follow-up to the National ID story to remind you all that it still exists.

We focus on exposing the lies and corruption of the Bush Crime Family but unfortunately this story doesn't get any attention in neither the Traditional Media nor the blogosphere.

Here's a National ID nugget to chew on (from
Privacy advocates are also concerned about the very real possibility of these ID cards including electronic tracking tags, called R.F.I.D. chips, which would allow the government to track a citizen's every movement. The news that the Department of Agriculture would like to begin implanting tracking chips in all farm animals is only adding fuel to this fire (National Animal Identification System).

And let's just skip the ID card stage. We all know where this is headed. These cards are going to be stolen, hacked, and a new black market in "Real IDs" is certain to emerge. So it won't be too long before the politicians are going to want to implant these chips under our skin. Former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson is already suggesting it.

Please, don't sleep on this issue. This is serious, it involves our privacy, our rights, and our liberty! Click here to oppose the National ID.

June 6th, 2006 call your congresscritter and let them know you OPPOSE the National IDs!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bush: The Roman Emperor!

On Wikipedia I came across the article for the Roman Emperor Commodus, son of the highly respected Marcus Arelius. Commodus was a lunatic and a fucked up dictator who was blamed for setting off the downfall of the empire. This is what Wikipedia describes as his legacy:
Commodus' rule is considered the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire. Commodus' selling of high offices to incompetent people, leading to massive corruption and his paid exploits in the gladiatorial arena, which amounted to for one million sesterces paid by the city of Rome for every appearance severely ruined the Roman economy. The Roman economy never recovered from the rule of Commodus and may have eventually contributed to its collapse.

Substitute "Commodus" for "Bush" and replace the big "gladiator spectacles" with "war disasters" and you pretty much end up describing the legacy of the same bastard. The part about the corruption and the incompetent people (*cough*Michael Brown*cough*) is accurate about the Bush administration too.

God I pray that our economy survives the reign of Commodus Emperor Bush and the massive spending by the Republican congress!

Monday, May 08, 2006

A Mother's Day to remember!

Mother’s Day of Solidarity
South Florida Mothers
Stand with Colombian Flower Workers!


  • Are often fired or do not have their contracts renewed if they become pregnant while employed,
  • Can work up to 80 hours per week without overtime pay,
  • Earn less than $180 per month-not nearly enough to support their families,

THEY HAVE FORMED the first independent and democratic union at the Dole-owned Splendor plantation.

Friday May 12th
Dole Fresh Flowers
10055 NW 12th St, Miami, FL
(Park close to NW 12th Street at International Mall)
Splendor plantation.

Join South Florida mothers in front of Dole’s Headquarters as we show our support for Colombian flower workers and mothers.

For more information contact: Carolina Delgado 305-510-1748 or Sophie Brion 305-441-0506

Chico Town: Quick Links

I come across so many interesting stories that I might as well start dropping posts with a bunch of 'em for your reading pleasure. Here are the one's worth checking out for today:

The Republican Congress hates you!

The Republican Congress doesn't want you involved in their business. They want to tax your ass, rape your pocket book, and keep you from raising your voice. Don't believe me? I'll let one of the greatest congressmen in office, Republican Ron Paul (TX-14), tell you himself:
I am disappointed, but not surprised, to see that Congress is failing to go after the root cause of corruption. Instead, we are considering placing further burdens on the people's exercise of their free speech rights. H.R. 4975 will not deter corrupt lobbyists, staffers, or members. What H.R. 4975 will do is discourage ordinary Americans from participating in the policy process. Among the ways H.R. 4975 silences ordinary Americans is by requiring grassroots citizens' action organizations to divulge their membership lists so Congress can scrutinize the organizations' relationships with members of Congress. The result of this will be to make many Americans reluctant to support or join these organizations. Making it more difficult for average Americans to have their voices heard is an odd response to concerns that Congress is more responsive to special interests than to the American public.

The principals in the recent scandals where not deterred by existing laws and congressional ethics rules. Why would a future Jack Abramoff be deterred by HH.R. 4975? H.R. 4975 is not just ineffective to the extent that it burdens the ability of average citizens to support and join grassroots organizations to more effectively participate in the policy process, H.R. 4975 violates the spirit, if not the letter, of the First Amendment. I therefore urge my colleagues to reject this bill and instead work to reduce corruption in Washington by reducing the size and power of the Federal Government.

That's what a good Republican sounds like... no fuck that, that's what a real American sounds like. We use these labels to make politics easier for the average dumb-ass but at the end of the day we need to do what is best for each other, no matter what political party you're in.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mr. T defends Immigrants: Fight for your Rights!

Okay, seriously... If you don't speak Spanish then you wouldn't know that it's a funny video of a guy acting like Mr. T talking about oranges, non using stunt doubles, and being the composer of the A-Team theme song. But the captions and the funny video are worth watching.

I personally took the day off on May 1st in support of immigranta rights. Even Carlos Mencia got involved in the immigration issue by criticizing those who brought foreign flags to the demonstrations. I personally waved the Colombian Flag way up high. To be an American, in my opinion, is not to wave and defend symbols but to fight for the principles our country was founded on, namely Liberty and Justice!

(And yes, I still think banning flag-burning is retarded because you place the symbol above the principle.)