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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bush's Slump on Mad TV

If you've been hiding under a rock or you don't like to follow politics and need to catch up on the massive failures of the Bush Crime Family, watch this video!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Major Radio Stations love the fake War...

...and they hate real Hip Hop!

From (posted by Davey D):
Why Did Major Radio Stations Try & Silence This Man and His Music?

With the 3rd anniversary of this ridiculous war in Iraq upon us.. ask yourself how come major radio stations around the country including stations in Los Angeles ignored and Blackout this Anti-War record produced by Fredwreck.

He’s always been a political type of guy so he got a bunch of West Coast artists together around the start of the Iraq War and they dropped this Anti-war song which they offered up for free download..

They had apress conference and pout out a press release, but then all the big stations which normally play many of the artists featured on this song suddenly went dumb and tried to act like it doesn’t exist..

Pure bullshit! The cowards at the radio stations play only the crap like "Laffy Taffy" but skip on something that reflects the opinions of a majority of Americans. The war is wrong, Hip Hopers are against it, what are the radio stations scared of?

Peep the song here!

Track Features: Everlast, Tray Deee, Defari, Daz, J-Ro, RBX, Soopafly, Bad Azz, WC, Dilated Peoples, Mac Minister

Track Produced By: Fredwreck

War Veterans love Democrats!

Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth has just won the Democratic primary for her congressional race in Illinois. She is one out of the many Iraq War veterans who are running as Democrats for congress in 2006.

Ain't it funny how a majority of these veterans are challenging Republicans? The Democratic party is already the party of veterans, and now in 2006 we have a whole heap of new Democrats with REAL military experience (**cough**Bush and Cheney suck**cough**) and a real strategy to solve the problems created by the Bush Crime Family in the Middle East.

Support 'em, donate to 'em, and get 'em elected. Lets topple the Republican dictatorship created by this "rubber stamp" congress and Liar-in-chief King George W. Bush.

Al Gore loves...

Watch for the first time the unseen campaign footage that the dumb ass Democratic consultants locked away back in the 2000 election. Directed by Spike Jonez (who did Being John Malkovich and a bunch of Beastie Boy music videos) it's a short documentary of the real Al Gore. Some are getting fired up about drafting big AL for 2008. I say anybody but Hillary! (Because we need progress, not politics)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Republicans love Russ Feingold (really!)

Well, we don't really know if they were Republican or not, but when Senator Russ Feingold visited one of the most conservative counties in Wisconsin this is what happened:
There were a few lighthearted moments and a bizarre one at the meeting in Belle Plaine.

The first questioner lauded Feingold, got on one knee, and then prayed that the senator become president. Feingold, clearly embarrassed, gently told the man, "Oh, don't do that."

Tina Mullen, 40, said she had two questions. "Are you running for president," she asked

Read the quick post on Feingold has woken up alot of Americans. He's becoming the favorite among those who treasure liberty over fear.

Borat loves Republicans

The world-famous Borat Sagdiyev (Kazakhstani television's top media personality) is on a mission to expose anti-semitism and homophobia by posing as an anti-semitic homophobe from Kazakhstan with a crazy accent. His new movie "Borat" will be released this year, until then enjoy this video of Borat infiltrating the Arizona Republican party.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Charlize Theron loves Cuban Hip Hop

Here's a cool documentary called "East of Havana" that might be worth checking out. From comes the scoop:

"East of Havana" details the life of three aspiring rappers in Cuba. The story also shows how the artists handle poverty and attempt to rise amidst a heavily politicized music industry. Theron put her own money up to finance Havana

From the South by Southwestt (SxSW) festival here is the synopsis:

East of Havana is an unflinching close-up on the lives and friendship of three young rappers compelled to address their generation's future from the confines of a Cuban ghetto. Soandry, Magyori, and Mikki possess the undeniable talent and charisma of pop icons; but within Cuba's fearless and rebellious undergound movement, they are also the defacto leaders, creating music whose cross-pollination of early American rap and Latin influences brings self-expression to its sharpest, riskiest, and most triumphant point.

From what I've personally heard, Fidel Castro's government has a department specifically to monitor Hip Hop music and to set up concerts for Cuban artists. Here's the catch, you can't talk shit about Castro's revolution.

So much for free speech, huh?

Stay tuned for this documentary, I know when I get my hands on it I'll probably drop a quick review.

Props to Charlize Theron (one of the sexiest women on the planet) for funding this documentary on Hip Hop.

Photo Credit: Charlize pic from

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Censure: What the hell is wrong with this picture?

Check it this long ass blog dairy I posted over at It incredibly ended up on the "Recommended List" within 20 minutes of being posted. I guess it struck a nerve. Check out how the Democrats are acting like cowards and leaving Senator Russ Feingold in the cold. With Bush's approval rating at a sad 34%, supporting the Censure Resolution should be a no-brainer.

I guess our elected officials officially have no brains. Fuck em!

Update: Bush's approval just dropped to 33%. Lets hope he hits the 20's!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

PROOF: Bush spying on citizens (not Bin Laden)

The Bushies cry about 'war on terror' but its a "War on OUR Liberty"!

The ACLU provides more evidence of the Bush Crime Family breaking the law. Check out his quote from their latest report:
It makes no sense that the FBI would be spying on peace activists handing out flyers,"” said Jim Kleissler, Executive Director of the Thomas Merton Center for Peace & Justice. "“Our members were simply offering leaflets to passersby, legally and peacefully, and now they'’re being investigated by a counter-–terrorism unit. Something is seriously wrong in how our government determines who and what constitutes terrorism when peace activists find themselves targeted."
Again, Russ Feingold looks like a friggin genius! He's ahead of the curve by solidly defending our constitutional rights to privacy. Any government with that much power is bound to abuse it. Here is the evidence of the abuse! Here is how we BEGIN to remedy the situation.

Stand with Russ Feingold, call your senator and urge them to support the censure resolution.

It's a first step towards impeachment.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Feingold defends Censure on CNN

Click here to see the Video!

Soledad O'Brein from CNN is full of shit, she said to Senator Russ Feingold that the "jury is still out" on whether or not Bush broke the law... Russ responded with "the Jury has been dismantled!"

Try and try as she may to defend the Bush Crime Family, Soledad comes up short and can't argue against the truth: Bush Broke the Law!

Call your Senators today and demand that they stand with Russ Feingold in censuring the president for breaking the law!

"This is alot more like an impeachable offense than anything President Clinton ever did" - Senator Russ Feingold

Update: Crooks and Liars put up the video too, thanks for the props.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Feingold wants to Censure Bush!

Again... Russ Feingold NEEDS to be the next President

Okay, Russ Feingold does not cease to amaze us. He was the ONLY Senator out of 100 to vote against the Patriot Act back in 2002 when such a vote would have been unpopular. He was also one of the few who voted AGAINST the Iraq War. He's also fought his ass off to oppose the Patriot Act's renewal. This guy looks like a fucking genius because he's been right from the start and ever since.

Now Russ wants to censure Bush, it's not as creamy as an Impeachment topped with indictment sprinkles, but censuring is right up there too. Censuring basically means that you are waving your finger at Bush, but in a legal and official matter.

Baby steps, people... Baby steps!

If you want more than a simple censure of the president, remember that November 7, 2006 is the mid-term elections day. Vote this corrupt Republican bunch OUT of power (plus Leiberman's Fox News-loving ass too) and we can begin the real work of investigating and removing the Bush Crime Family!

Think Progress has the Feingold announcement video.

Update: Russ supplies the facts to support the Censure of George W. Bush!

(Anyone who continues to support Bush at this point clearly admits that our Constitution doesn't matter anymore.)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sesame Bushies!

I might be late on this one but it's still one of the most hilarious flash animations of the Bush Crime Family, focusing on California's Governator Schwarzenegger! Check out O'Reily the Grouch using foul language and the Cheney Monster munching on the Bill of Rights. Pass it around, it's worth watching!

"Quoting Bible to attack gays is hypocritical"

Here's the story, a school teacher uses the morning announcements to attack the issue of gay rights by using the Holy Bible. An openly gay student gets offended (everyone has the freedom of speech to speak their piece dammit!) and then the Miami Herald's Leonard Pitts Jr. gets in on the action. Here's a quick quote of Mr. Pitts addressing the homophobic teacher:
"By which I mean people like you, who dress their homophobia up in Scripture, insisting with sanctimonious sincerity that it's not homophobia at all, but just a pious determination to live according to what the Bible says.

And never mind that the Bible also says it is ''disgraceful'' for a woman to speak out in church (1 Corinthians 14:34-36) and that if she has any questions, she should wait till she gets home and ask her husband. Never mind that the Bible says the penalty for going to work on Sunday (Exodus 35:1-3) is death. Never mind that the Bible says the man who rapes a virgin should buy her from her father (Deuteronomy 22:28-29) and marry her.

I'm going to speculate that you don't observe or support those commands. Which says to me that yours is a literalism of convenience, a literalism that is literal only so long as it allows you to condemn what you'd be condemning anyway and takes no skin off your personal backside.

As such, your claim that God sanctions your homophobia is the moral equivalent of Flip Wilson's old claim that the devil made him do it."

Wow! Leonard Pitts really laid it on the hypocrites who use the Bible to push hate and intolerance. Jesus was constantly smeared by the Pharisees for "seeking out sinners" in his goal of spreading love. Many Christians favor living in solidarity with all human beings regardless of who they are because there can't be any "love" in preaching intolerance. "Blessed are the peacemakers", the Bible says that too!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Immortal Technique prepares the "Middle Passage"

The self-made political rhyme monster and former Emcee Battle champ from Harlem drops some info on his next project "The Middle Passage". Immortal Technique has no problem using the full power of Hip Hop's global reach to criticize the Bush Crime Family and society's problems. With over 70,000 albums sold independently, his 3rd album is gonna continue exposing so-called "controversial" topics such as the fake "war on drugs", 9/11 cover-ups, police brutality, the exploitation of Black and Latino people in 3rd world countries, fake emcees, and the greed of the music business.

This interview is on Break Down TV, a cool online Hip Hop channel that also features music videos between the segments of the interview.

Immortal Technique definitely has some great advice for the Hip Hop community on investing money, having the cojones to make hard-hitting music, and taking on controversial issues. With millions and millions of dollars generated by Hip Hop music, we should have a stronger progressive movement and even less kids on welfare... not Jacob the jeweler sitting on another set of chrome wheels! (Fuck Jacob the jeweler, feed the kids instead) Check out the interview and see for yourself.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Eminem can sue Bush for torture?

Ain't this some shit?
This past December, reports surfaced that detainees in a prison nearby Afghanistan were being tortured with Slim Shady's music. Now word is the Blonde lyricist's sounds are being used for similar reasons in Guantanamo Bay. Director Michael Winterbottom told Slim that officials play his tracks as a form of punishment to inmates. Winterbottom's The Road To Guantanamo details the life of four British inmates at Camp X-Ray.

"Music by Eminem was apparently used most of the time," Winterbottom revealed. Clifford Stafford Smith, who is presently attempting to bring a case against the US government's mistreatment of prisoners added, "Eminem would have good grounds for suing the government over abuse of his copyright."

I say, hell yeah, sue the government Em! Make a big stink about it in the press, take em to court, raised hell and bring awareness to the crimes against humanity that are being perpetrated in our name. The Geneva Conventions were created to protect human beings caught up in the horrors of wars between nations and the ruling elite (honestly, who else wages these wars in the first place?).

We need to win hearts and minds, show the world that fighting for freedom and civil liberties is the ultimate goal for a progressive society. But torturing ANY human being is taking step back to a "medieval" mind-set. The torture policy of Bush and his "Justice" Department is creating more enemies than we can handle.

Eminem loves the publicity but maybe the "retired" emcee might not take this opportunity to sue and expose the Bush Crime Family. But lets hope he does!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Impeachment townhall meeting: it's gettin ugly for Bush!

These are just a few screen shots from the public "town hall meeting" style forum on a possible impeachment of the Bush Crime Family. These where the panelist at the forum:
Conyers, John Jr. U.S. Representative, D-MI
Holtzman, Elizabeth U.S. Representative (1973-1981), D-NY
Dean, John W. Counsel (Fmr.), White House
Lapham, Lewis H. Editor in Chief, [Harper's Magazine]
Ratner, Michael President, Center for Constitutional Rights
Seder, Sam Talk Show Host, Air America Radio, Majority Report, The

Stay tuned for some video clips or transcripts. It was worth watching and its a huge stepping stone toward the continued push for impeachment. CSPAN did a great job of covering it for the American people to witness. Stay tuned!

Oscars: Martin Scorsese, 0; Three 6 Mafia, 1.

Best Oscars ever!

The Three 6 muthafuckin' Mafia from Memphis TN took home the Academy Award for best Original Song in a film with "It's Hard out Here for a Pimp" from "Hustle and Flow".

For anyone who grew up with Southern Hip Hop we're all too familiar with the Hypnotize Minds camp, with Project Pat's jail time, Sippin' on some Sizzzzurp, Tear the Club up Thugs, 2-way Chicks blowing up ya phone, Crunchy Blac's gangsta walk, sittin on spinnaz, and recently gettin' High, high, hiiiigh with 8 Ball, MJG, and Young Buck.

Three 6 Mafia may not be the most progressive or uplifting group in Hip Hop but they are definitely pioneers in the "independent label" business model for urban music. They're always putting out records and movies on their own terms, their own schedule, and with as much creative control as they can fight for. In a music business where the record labels "pimp" the artists, Juicy J and DJ Paul ARE the "pimps" pushing their own brand of Southern Rap.

Congrats to em! (They even beat Dolly Parton for the oscar!) Now how about more positive music? Project Pat is out of jail now, I'm sure his probation demands some community service, do it in the form of music!

Update: The Associated Press is racist again, claiming "Three 6 Mafia steals Oscar Song Award", I thought it was a fair vote by the Academy members that determines the winner. A reapeat of the Katrina coverge bias! Fuckers!

Update 2: Here is the press interview after the awards with the Three 6 Mafia. Juicy J said it best "Hip Hop is taking over!"

Friday, March 03, 2006

After Wu-Tang... Russ Feingold and Barack Obama love the kids!

A quick update on two of the most popular senators in D.C., first Illinois Senator Barack Obama comes up with a great plan to help our auto industry issues:
The federal government would pay 10 percent of the $6.7 billion in annual health costs for retirees that are weighing down General Motors, Ford and Chrysler if they'll commit to building more fuel-efficient cars, Obama proposed in a speech Tuesday before a panel at the National Governors Association conference. He called it a "win-win proposal for the industry."

The Washington Monthly explains the details of Obama's Plan:
The plan includes a new focus on biofuels, primarily cellulosic ethanol. His plan has five components:
  • Ramp up new fuel standards that will result in production of 65 billion gallons of alternative fuels per year by 2025.
  • Mandate that the federal government buy only flex fuel vehicles.
  • Within ten years, mandate that every car in America is a flex fuel vehicle. Include a $100 tax credit per vehicle to ease the pain.
  • Put yellow gas caps on all flex fuel vehicles.
  • Provide a $30,000 tax credit to any gas station that installs E85 pumps (i.e., a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline).
  • Sometimes the government needs to give the free markets a slight "nudge" to get them going in a direction that will benefit the greater good. Government spending should NOT bail out every industry that fucks up, but Obama's plan is more of a "trade" than a "bail out" because our environment doesn't have a voice or cash to influence the free markets. (But maybe Hurricane Katrina counts as a "voice").

    In Russ Feingold news, check out the Rhodian Attic's great collection of Russ Feingold quotes and how his political career relates to good ol' Mahatma Gandhi! Here's one of the best quotes from the bunch:
    "America was founded on the principle of freedom for all people, and I strongly believe that the civil rights of all individuals should be vigorously upheld regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, genetic make-up, or sexual orientation. Upholding the rights of all citizens has proven to be a struggle throughout our history, but nothing worthwhile is achieved without a struggle."

    Good leaders exist in our government, we shouldn't have to settle for Hillary's flaky ass in 2008, believe that! Russ Feingold in 08'... you saw it first on the blogs.

    Thursday, March 02, 2006

    Bush LIED AGAIN: Pre-Katrina Video offers proof

    Bush declared four days after the storm, "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees" that gushed deadly flood waters into New Orleans. But the transcripts and video show there was plenty of talk about that possibility... and Bush was worried too.

    An unseen pre-Katrina video conference between Bush, his staff (including Brownie and Chertoff), and local officials from Louisiana and Mississippi reveals some behind-the-scenes footage of the president being WARNED before the disaster. Wouldn't you know it, Bush lied to the local official during that meeting also, check it out:
    "I want to assure the folks at the state level that we are fully prepared to not only help you during the storm, but we will move in whatever resources and assets we have at our disposal after the storm," the president said.

    Surprisingly, according to transcripts of the video, Brownie comes across as actually giving a damn. Until the full videos are released and we've seen all the evidence, the jury is still out on Michael Brown. Maybe he was right about being treated as a scapegoat. Maybe we were too harsh on Brownie and we jumped to conclusions. (Maybe, but he was STILL unqualified to run FEMA!)

    Check out the full story, read it fully and prepare to get angry all over again at the Bush Crime Family's lack of respect for human life.

    Update: has the video up.

    Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    Your Tax Dollar$ at War

    Good ol' John John and The Daily Show crew cook up another great segment filled with comedy and facts in order to shed light on the Bush Crime Family's fuck-ups. This one is called "Your Tax Dollar$ at War", dealing with... your tax dollars at war, the Iraq War.

    Weren't the oil revenues supposed to help pay for the cost? Weren't our gasoline prices supposed to drop? Lies, all lies, from the Bush Crime Family! We're now $250 BILLION in the hole with this illegal war.

    Watch the video and see for yourself.

    Chuck and Bambaataa puttin' suckers in their place...

    Hip Hop legends, Chuck D and Africa Bambaataa held a Zulu Nation meeting last week to discuss the current problems in our Hip Hop community. In particular that attacked the corporate-owned radio stations that play 24 hours of poison and bullshit. This is what Chuck and Africa had to say (courtesy of
    "If you're playing 50 Cent, we want to hear Common Sense," said Bambaataa. "If you play Missy Elliot, we want to hear Sonic Force. If you play Sean Paul, we want to hear Bob Marley."

    That's all you hear is a mixture of a thug life and children," said Chuck D. "How you going to make a club song and your marketing campaign is aimed at a 14-year-old? Why? A 14-year-old can't get into the goddamn club. And not only is it a club, it's a strip club. So what the hell does an 11-year-old who rushes home from school to turn on the radio or television know about strip clubs anyway?

    Honest to God, what would it hurt these mainstream artists to drop one or two progressive tracks on their albums? Are they being pimped THAT BAD by their label's that they are reduced to being modern minstrel shows?

    Look, just give us one track to start off... we'll take anything at this point.

    Hey Ying Yang Twins, how about mentioning CONDOMS the next time you want to Skeet Skeet Skeet?

    Read more on!