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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Corruption that stinks all the way to the bank!

The Republican leadership in this country is full of corrupt sacks of shit that have good Republican icons like Abe Lincoln rolling in his grave and Ronald Reagan... umm... maybe he's proud but kinda pissed cuz they actually got caught. Who knows about Ronnie but Abe Lincoln is definitely not having it!

Tom Delay was indicted
by a grand jury in Texas today. A grand jury! That means that citizens of Texas saw enough evidence to formally indict the Republican Congressional Leader. His corruption has caught up to him and the people finally took notice.

This scandal with Tom Delay is proof again why we need Clean Elections in this country.

Also, Tom Delay was busy getting Texas' congressional districts redrawn to favor his Republican buddies who got elected... of course with a nice chunk of that illegal $190,000 check (which came from Corporate sources... making it illegal!).

The lesson we learned today, we need Clean elections to keep corporate and special interests out of our elections process AND we need fairly drawn congressional districts to REALLY represent the people fairly. If you are against empowering the people and cleaning up elections then you are as corrupt and selfish as the rat bastard Tom Delay himself.

Help Ohio and Florida have fair elections! Click on the link for each state to help out and then join the fight in your own state to prevent another Texas sized Republican scandal.

Go to for more on the Fair Elections movement.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

WTF?? Brownie's Venom... more republican corruption

From the far corners of Whut-Tha-Fuck-Land we find out that Michael "Brownie" Brown is still on the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA's) payroll after resigning, but now as a consultant.

A fucking consultant? The Arabian Horse watching ass / college roommate buddy / dumb fuck bastard, who helped screw up the Hurricane Katrina response, is being paid to investigate himself!

Yes folks, the Bush Crime Family proves again to be shameless. If you fuckup miserably in the Bush administration and they WONT fire you, they'll keep you on payroll and let you investigate yourself. Republican's will do what it takes to cover up their own faults.

Remember how Bush and vice prez Dick Cheney would NOT testify under oath to the 9/11 commission investigating the terrorist attacks? Honestly, if you have nothing to hide, why not testify under oath? With a written transcript? In front of the cameras? Or with the 9/11 victim's families watching? No? Can't do it Bush?

If the Republicans have nothing to worry about from a real investigation on the Hurricane Katrina response, why not allow an independent commission do the investigation?

No, they hire Brownie to investigate himself. You can't make this stuff up folks. Fucking amazing!

This is another reason why we need a Democratic majority to take over the congress in 2006, so we can do REAL investigations on EVERYTHING!
  • The White House CIA identity leak
  • The fake-journalist / gay-prostitute with White house security clearance
  • The republican insider-trading scandal
  • The illegal republican corporate campaign contributions
  • The illegal tax evasion scandals involving the White House
  • The missing moolah ($$$) in Iraq
  • The big fuckup with Hurricane Katrina
  • And on... and on... and on ... and on some more.
    Let's do the 9/11 commission all over again, now that new damaging facts keep coming to light.

    In older related news from Whut-Tha-Fuck-Land... Topher "70's Show" Grace is playing Venom in SpiderMan 3. You can't make this stuff up...

  • Monday, September 26, 2005

    Pro-War Bush Lovers are Loosing

    Washington D.C. hosted pro and anti war rallies

    Here's an estimate of the number of people who showed up for this past weekend's activities in Washington D.C.:

  • Anti-WAR / Anti-Bush: Over 100,000+ (... some say over 300,000)

  • Pro-WAR / Bush lovers: 400 (... *cricket*... *cricket*...)

    The people have spoken this past weekend! The numbers don't lie... Bush does. It's getting kinda hard for the Bush Crime Family to rally enough support for more DEATH and Destruction in a war they obviously lied to the world about.

    One sign that a bush-lover had in D.C. read "Saddam Was a WMD". Very nice... not only was he admitting that Bush lied but he's also covering up for the lies in a loosing attempt to redeem a lost cause. Yes, we all remember clearly how Collin Powell went before the United Nations with a miniature Saddam Hussein in his hand.

    It's over for the Bush Crime Family. They are loosing support fast.

    Too bad they had to arrest Cindy Sheehan today for believing that she lived in a "free country". Isn't that what her son died for?

    See the DailyKos photos of the huge Anti-War protest on Sept 24th here.
  • Wednesday, September 21, 2005

    FEMA's Katrina Cards & Commercial Hip Hop

    The WorldNetDaily is reporting that the $2000 debit cards that FEMA handed out to the storm victims are reportedly being used at strip clubs, Louis Vuitton stores, and other luxury establishments. Check out this report:
    Meanwhile, in Memphis, Tenn., residents told News Channel 3 they saw Hurricane Katrina survivors purchase designer jeans, high heels and purses with their $2,000 emergency debit cards. According to the report, one Katrina victim was spotted at a Cordova clothier buying stacks of $65 designer jeans. Another viewer reported spotting a survivor buying "over $700 in high heel shoes and purses" at a Memphis department store "while (her) younger children, most of them looked under the age of 3, looked like they haven't showered in weeks."

    Even though they don't specify the race of the victims in question, you can imagine that commercial (pop) Hip Hop and it's saturation of bling bling bullshit comes to mind when you read this. Check out Young City's (aka Choppa) Bad Boy South debut video "Lil' Daddy", that was filmed in New Orleans before Katrina, and you'll see a young rapper flashing big cars and jewelry out in the hood. It's kinda like he's taunting the kids and the inner-city residents with his (**cough**rented**cough**) riches.

    Why put so much pressure on our own people and on our communities to have to conform to that standard of success? The over-saturation on the radio and in the culture that you NEED a bullshit Louis Vuitton hand bag or some platinum grills has our communities confused. (Hey Puff Daddy, we love ya for the support!)

    Also, on the whole FEMA debit card issue, they are damned if they do, damned if they don't. By canceling the debit card system and doing direct deposits to bank accounts they are alienating most of the folks in the hood who DON'T have bank accounts. Honestly, how many banks do you see in the ghetto? All you see (those of us who actually still visit the inner city) is "check cashing" spots on every other corner. Lets just have the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity keep up their good work of feeding, clothing, and housing the storm victims.

    Basically, watch the Young City music video and keep in mind that the same New Orleans folks in the back ground will loose their homes within a few weeks of the video shoot taping. Then, some will probably use their FEMA funds to try to be just like Young City and Lil Wayne and Baby and Master P and ...

    Thank God those same rappers all donated money to the victims. But what IF Katrina would have never hit?

    Tuesday, September 13, 2005

    Get on the bus to impeach bush!

    Join the massive protest in D.C. September 24!

    Everyone and their mother is getting ready to head out to Washington D.C. to join the massive anti-war / impeachment / "Bush sucks donkey balls" protest in front of the White House and Washington Monument.

    There will also be a free concert featuring The Coup, (those hip hop guys who coincidentally dropped an album right around 9/11/01 with a pic of them blowing up the World trade center) Head Roc War Machine, the Grammy award winning Air America Radio host Steve Earl and other activist/performers.

    This will be a historical 3-day event with all kinds of planned activities aimed at protesting the Bush Crime Family (click here for info).

    Click on the banners, visit, click here for bus and carpooling info in your area, pack your shit, make a big ass sign, and join the revolution. Peace!

    Monday, September 12, 2005

    Frank sez Bush & Powell should be tried for TREASON

    Courtesy of Frank J. Gonzalez, Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Reps:

    Dear Democrats, "old-school" conservatives, Greens, philosophical libertarians and others,

    Colin Powell has just admitted a "blot" on his own record for having represented the lies told by U.S. "intelligence" about Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction" that were the justification for waging an unethical, illegal and fiscally unwise invasion and occupation of Iraq. He has also stated in no uncertain terms that he has seen NO EVIDENCE AT ALL that linked the 9/11 attacks with Saddam Hussein. What for Colin Powell is a mere "blot" on his record, is a gaping, festering, acid hole of painful loss for many family and friends of dead Iraqi civilians and lost American soldiers.

    Remember that Hitler destroyed the Reichstag in his efforts to bring down his own political enemies in his own government. It was these lies that centralized his power and enabled him to rain hell on many of his victims.

    Like Hitler, Colin Powell and the entire Bush cabal should be brought up on charges of TREASON. We should demand nothing less. Powell had the opportunity to dissent from Bush's call to illegal "war" but he stayed silent. Those who stand by and allow crime are just as guilty as the ones perpetrating it.

    Amen to that!
    Vote for Frank J. Gonzalez in the 2006 federal elections if you live in his district.

    Friday, September 09, 2005

    Mos Def: The Katrina Clap!!!

    Every Mixtape DJ in this country and every fucking radio station needs to play the new Mos Def "Katrina Clap" song 24/7!!!

    Peep the song here!

    This has got to be one of the best songs Mos has dropped this year, using the original "Nolia Clap" beat, Mos Def gets crazy on the song even starts yelling "Freedom Aint Cheap Nigga!!". The Bush Crime Family and even Bono get dissed as Mighty Mos asks everyone to donate atleast $1 to the cause.

    This is a beautiful day in Hip Hop. Now with Chuck D from Public Enemy dropping his own song "Hell No We Ain'’t Alright" lets see if dead prez, Immortal Technique, David Banner, and especially Juvenile follow the lead and drop their own songs. We just hope they don't pussy out pointing out the truth behind the Bush Crime Family's complete and inarguable fuck-up! (Watch a few episodes of The Daily Show with John Stewart and see for yourself)

    Also lookout for Kanye West as he's still dissing Bush every chance he gets.

    The Bush Crime Family fucked us over for the last time and the Hip Hop community is leading the revolution to get our country back!

    "God did not intend for the wicked to rule the world ... God save these streets, Lord God save our soul"

    - Mos Def "Katrina Clap"

    Monday, September 05, 2005

    Hip Hop Hurricane: from Kanye to Juvenile

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina's destruction of the Gulf coast and the Bush Crime Family's (and FEMA's) inexcusable abandonment of the victims, Hip Hopers are reacting, speaking out, pointing fingers, and planning concerts.

    We start with Kanye West who said on national TV that "George Bush doesn't care about Black people", which was edited out by the good folks at NBC. Kanye was stuttering and seemed a bit nervous but it took balls to go off the prepared script that NBC gave him just to speak truth to power (See the video here). Hopefully Kanye isn't just doing this to create more publicity for his new album, we would love to see him and other emcees keep the heat on the Bush Crime Family!

  • Jay-Z and Diddy (who stole his name from the lil monkey in Donkey Kong Country) donated $1 million bucks and items of clothing from their Roc-a-wear and Sean John lines.

  • Ludacris and David Banner will participate in a Hurricane relief concert September 10th.

  • Juvenile lost just about everything in the storm and in a radio interview said he "wasn't pointing any fingers" but mentioned that if we could supply troops and supplies to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars we could damn sure help the people of New Orleans!

  • Choppa (from Mtv's "Making Da Band") left his homes and several friends who drowned. He also mentioned that the houses of several Cash Money members were also underwater since they live on the same block.

  • Master P lost a home and launched a website ( to help get relief. He also plans on doing an album with Baby and other Cash Money artists to benefit the relief effort.

  • Lil' Wayne's mother and daughter were stranded in the flooded city for days.

  • James Prince, the CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records, opened up a shelter in Houston for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

  • Chuck D from Public Enemy wrote and recorded "Hell No We Ain'’t Alright" this past Labor day weekend addressing the bullshit that went on with the racism in the media and the government over the relief efforts. (Read the lyrics here)

    In all, many artists lost homes, studio equipment, family, property, etc. Thank God they are all alive and working towards improving this situation. If the Bush Crime Family doesn't care enough about this tragedy, atleast our own people are strong enough to carry the weight. That's the power of Hip Hop when it is at it's best!

    Get more info on,, and google news!