December 04, 2009

Ron Paul = Anti-War and Obama = Asshole

Two new videos to watch that will explain the title of this post. In this first video, Ron Paul is on Fox News battling with brain-dead Republican ghouls who continue to defend the Bush/Obama wars.

In this second video, watch Rachel Maddow essentially calling Obama an asshole! She points out that the fucking guy announced more murder, homicide and destruction on the people of Afghanistan - right before he is set to claim his Nobel "Peace" prize.

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After you watch both videos you will see a stark contrast between the Bush/Obama Crime Family and both Ron Paul & Rachel Maddow on the topic of the warfare state. Clearly a case of two Democrats/Republicans on opposite sides of the discussion. The point is you don't need party labels to describe their points of view, you are either a murdering asshole or a decent person.

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At 12/27/2009 6:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your site is quite paradoxical in that you are spot on on some topics like taxes and the central bank, yet completely wrong on other topics such as your support for the anti-constitutional democrats that are bankrupting the country and stealing our civil liberites in the form of the so-called health care reform, that is nothing more than a government powergrab and seizure of civil liberties - and cap and trade, which is another false motive to increase taxes, steal civil liberties, and stifle America. Should you support republicans instead? Not necessarily, but right now I do, only because they are the lesser of two evils. I choose the candidate(s) that least want to take control of everyones lives, right now, as a party, (but not everyone in the party) that dubious honor belongs to the republicans. You have to become more aware of what is actually happening to America as a whole - less control is best - that is what the founding fathers advocated, and that is the opposite of the current agenda of the democrats. The democrats are seeking more control of us, which many of them will then willingly hand off to a world authority. Take a step up, there is hope for you.

At 1/06/2010 1:04 AM, Blogger chico-towner said...

Thanks for taking out the time to write such a long comment and for browsing the site. My older posts, pre-2006 show a lot of support for the Democrats. I has naive to think that once they took over in 06 that they would impeach Bush or hold the Bush Crime Family accountable for their crimes against humanity. I no longer support the DNC and still can't stand the GOP. I agree with you whole-heartedly that the State wants to control our lives and now see clearly that both parties are part of that problem since Abe Lincoln was inaugurated. Shit is deep! I know there is hope for me. I have seen the light. Keep up the fight for liberty and God bless. Peace!


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