May 05, 2009

Ron Paul converting the morons?

Looks like Ron Paul, who was formally booed and blackballed by FAUX News is now converting and gaining the support of the sorry-ass republicans in congress:

Paul has remained surprised and bemused at his new influence. “I was talking with one of the other Republicans on the floor,” he remembered, “one of the types that had been voting with Bush, for big spending and all of that. I asked him: ‘Are you voting with me now or am I voting with you?’ They just laugh. They know what the situation is.”

Yeah, the situation is that the republican congress critters are loosing their asses! Now, they are supporting worthwhile causes (like auditing the FED) but not because it's the proper thing to do (Paul's previous effort netted 0 co-sponsors) but because it's politically expedient to do so.

Ron Paul has stuck to his guns since the 70's and courageously voted AGAINST the Patriot ACT and the stupid War in Iraq. These new Republican rats who are joining Ron Paul should be trusted about as far as you can throw them.

We know that the Democrats are a lost cause for not having impeached Bush but don't believe the phony hype surrounding these fascist/socialist Republican ass holes who conveniently have discovered some common sense. Vote the bums out... both Democrat and Republican!


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