March 08, 2009

Legalizing Marijuana is gaining momentum

From the Chicago Sun-Times we get the following editorial arguing for the legalization of marijuana. Here's a great quote explaining the economic benefit:

Marijuana, however undesirable some might view it, is not much, if any, different in its effects than alcohol and should be treated the same. And Ammiano has a point: A 2005 study endorsed by the late Milton Friedman and 530 other economists found legal regulation would save the nation $7.7 billion in enforcement costs and bring in up to $6.2 billion in taxes.

Beyond that are the issues of the terrible crime drug prohibition inflicts on mostly minority neighborhoods in big cities and the narco-terrorism raging in countries where criminals and poor people simply produce a product in huge demand in America.

Save lives, save money! It's simple as that. Spread the word and write a letter to your congress-critter so that the Feds can lay off this moronic prohibition of weed.

Disclosure: I don't smoke weed, I never have and I'd volunteer for a random piss test 365 days of the year to prove it. I don't have a dog in this fight for legalization, I'm just opposed to the government tyranny and disgusting waste in public funds for prohibiting a plant from being consumed. The silver lining in this depression would be the humane legalization of this drug.

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