February 17, 2009

Paper money is our downfall

From an article in the Times Online defending a gold standard, we get these great quotes:

In 1873 Jevons could already write: “It is hardly requisite to tell again the well-worn tale of the over-issue of paper money which has almost always followed the removal of the legal necessity of convertibility. Hardly any civilised nation exists, which has not suffered from the scourge of paper money at one time or another... Time after time in the earlier history of New England and some of the other states now forming part of the American Union, paper money had been issued and had brought ruin.”

Daniel Webster's opinion should never be forgotten. Of paper money he says: “We have suffered more from this cause than from every other cause or calamity. It has killed more men, pervaded and corrupted the choicest interests of our country more, and done more injustice than even the arms and artifices of our enemy.”

The paper money system enables the world wars and destruction in the first place. If you are truly anti-war / pro-peace then you must strike the disease of belligerent warfare at it's root: paper money.
(Hat tip Lewrockwell.com)

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