February 11, 2009

I was joking about Obama, but...

This is ridiculous!

Back in December when I created the following image:

worship the emperor

I was mocking the fact that the Republicans had worshiped George W. Bush and that the Democrats would probably follow in their delusional foot steps. Bush was photographed intentionally with a halo around his head. Many of these photos popped up from the Bush Crime Family to hint at his "divinity".

Now the Democrats are worshiping the new emperor using the same tactics. I didn't expect it so soon though. Check out the cover of DC Modern Luxury Magazine for the proof. Notice a subtle crown on the emperor's head?

This business of worshiping the head of state is what gave men like Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini a blank check to wreck havoc on life and liberty. The Democrats have lost their spine furthermore by their new-found crush on the emperor. For example, if the Obama Crime Family brings back the military draft will the Democrat lemmings even protest?

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