December 06, 2008

It sucks to be an Obama supporter

Before the election I was making the case with friends and family that there was no real difference between Obama and McCain (aka Bush). Over at (a so-called "liberal" blog) they are smelling the stench of republican neo-conism emanating from the Obama camp. They smell betrayal while I'm (sadly) being proven correct. Obama will keep the American empire in tact (kill more arabs!) and will continue to have the deficit spending and bailouts coming.

Check it out for yourselves:

Obama chooses Wall Street over Main Street - Bush's economic policy

Will Obama Stay the Course? (Yes) - Bush's foreign policy

Confronting the Terrorists Within - explains the truth about the "war on terror" and how Obama's embrace of Bush's murderous language spells doom for all of us!

One note about picking Hillary for Secretary of State. Many can argue that Obama beat Hillary in the primary because he was against the Iraq War from the start while Hilary refused to apologize for supporting and voting to authorize it. Therefore in a nutshell, the Democratic base chose Obama over Hillary because he was better than her on foreign policy. The voters had spoken!
What does Obama do as soon as he is elected president? He hands Hillary the keys to our foreign policy. The voters have been jipped!

Does this make any sense? If you are truly anti-war then you have best to jump ship now and forever forsake the Democratic war party before they eat your soul and wreck your sanity!

Click here For an anti-war perspective on Obama's (predicted) betrayal of his "liberal" base.

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At 12/07/2008 8:06 AM, Anonymous Jeff Sims said...

First let me say....I despise Liberalism...but you guys were totally hood winked by Obama....this country neededs to wakeup...both of these parties are destroying our country...this country was founded on debate and discourse....but what we are seeing in Washington is a total disregard of the I said I totally disagree with the majority of the comments on this web site...but I also believe the very left and the very right have one thing in common...get Washington out of our lives...sadly...the vote was for bigger gov...not less

At 12/07/2008 8:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you vote for a lair you cannot gripe when he betrays you...dumocrates will never learn...the definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over again and expecting a different result (Alber Enstien). As a Conservative (no a republican) I am ever so happy you are all getting what you deserve!!!

At 12/07/2008 8:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This must be part of the new Republican "grass roots" progression. You all are good at scaring people into everything else. Just more of the same. The party is full of a hoard of people that have abandoned the ship in the past. I would never want to take part in a party where no one has experience to actually steer the ship in the right direction. Good luck in your "new" quest.

At 12/07/2008 9:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A juvenile commenatry about a President that hasnt been officially a president even for a day yet. What a waste of time to read this and what a waste of space to have idiots like you.

Its people like you who sould be putin GUantanamo .. .. American idiots .. who bring the country down and lower our illetracy levels.

At 12/07/2008 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Americans and the world should rejoice for the leader ordained by God has mounted the throne.What more? ........Prosperity,peace,love and those things the kanker worms have eaten away will be replenihed.

At 12/07/2008 9:39 AM, Anonymous Pete K said...

what literary garbage, why does the author not feel sorry for all the Americans killed in the twin towers!! The perpetrators were arabs, what about all the suicide bombers who are killing their own to make a bigoted statement, WAKE UP, you could be the next recipient of a terror attack. NUCLEAR or BIOLOGIC, stick with the USA!! Will the author allow these comments not as the footnotes state that they must be approved by them, Kangaroo court here we come. Is there enough honesty to hear both sides.

At 12/07/2008 9:47 AM, Blogger platypus62 said...

Give the guy a break. He's not even
president yet. And what is said in
a primary is for the purpose of winning not necessarily a fact. I wouldn't worry about Hillary. If
she apologized for her war vote she
would be considered weak or a flip flopper. Look at the bigger picture.


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