November 15, 2008

Random signs of our times

This image of Lincoln's rules of conduct with Jesus Christ in the background was taken from inside a Catholic High School in Canada! An institution that supposedly promotes the message of the prince of peace... he who disarmed all Christians and promoted non-violence and non-retaliation to his very death at the hands of the state. Here Jesus is juxtaposed with America's favorite war-mongering and murderous tyrant! Lincoln basically used the state to retaliate against and murder thousands of tax rebels in the south. It's great to see that he is used here as a role model for proper "Christian" conduct.

At Sears you can now purchase Officially Licensed products of the U.S. Army! No longer are they just the brave men and women who defend our empire... liberty, but now they are a brand for all to consume and glorify! They gotta raise the money to fund the endless wars somehow.

Finally, this is the kind of economy where you cannot drink Goldschlager without feeling guilty about shitting out gold flakes... all while gold and silver are selling at top-dollar premiums because of the shortages! During the good times, the financial booms, the bubbles, yeah its fucking great to drink pure gold and crap it down the toilet for your enjoyment! But now its time to start filtering that stuff as if you were a 49er sifting for nuggets in the mud. There's gold in dem hills!

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At 11/19/2008 2:07 PM, Blogger ROBERT said...


Regarding this statement:

"Lincoln basically used the state to murder and retaliate against the tax rebels in the south."

I've seen your other statements against Lincoln as well. I'm with you on alot of things(like your wanting a third party), and Im sure we can disagree on alot as well (ie support for Obama,etc)But defending the "tax rebels" of the South? Im not with that. What about the fact that the "tax rebels" were slave owners?

No love for the other side-whether they be Republicans or slave owners.

At 12/06/2008 3:35 PM, Blogger chico-towner said...

I appreciate your comment Robert. You gotta take a second look into the war between the states to really get my point. Never do I endorse nor support slavery in any way. But simple and plain Abe Lincoln did not wage the war to free the slaves nor did Able care for their well being and equal rights (he wanted to deport them back to Africa!). The war was about taxes (money) plain and simple. There is ample evidence that supports this. If you believe that the "Civil War" was about slavery than you must also believe that the Iraq war was about WMDs.

My point is that a so-called Catholic high school is putting a war-monger up on a pedestal as a model for proper conduct. It makes no sense because Jesus Christ was obviously anti-war.

During the 1860's there were many abolitionists (those who were working towards abolishing slavery) who were also anti-war, especially the Lincoln's war of aggression. Read up on Lysander Spooner as a great example.

The brutality and viciousness of that war, then using the slaves as a scapegoat towards the end is what lead to the creation of the Klu Klux Klan. (For every action you get an equal and opposite reaction)

Why do you think Dr. King's non-violent civil rights movement was so successful? The 1960's did more for equal rights than Lincoln's so called emancipation ever could. Lincoln used war, terror, homicide and humiliation to achieve his goals. Dr. King used love, peace, brotherhood, community-bonds and civilized discourse to help free those who were oppressed. (Peaceful action reaps a peaceful reaction, makes sense?) The motivations and the results from both campaigns are like night and day.

We will eventually stop worshiping President Lincoln when we all realize the truth about this Republican, homicidal tyrant who disregarded the constitution and human life as well.

At 1/01/2010 7:10 PM, Blogger Jr Deputy Accountant said...

HAHAHAHAHA awesome. Well put. But I can't believe you're still drinking that shit.

I'm cool with PBR, finally found a place that sells it for $1.50. Just because we're in the 2nd Great Depression doesn't mean I have to sacrifice my vices.

Awesome blog you have here. I was looking for pictures and found you by accident.



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