November 04, 2008

Me Cago En Obama!

Me Cago En Obama!

In Spanish that means "I Shit on Obama". Hispanics are familiar with this sort of colorful expression.

Now that we have a brand new emperor who has promised to continue the Bush Crime Family's empire, war mongering, further murdering of Arabs, economic fascism and violations of our privacy, it was time to update my popular bumper sticker.

Its so sick to see so many American's worshiping and pinning their hopes on Obama. Its such a dangerous amount of devotion to give to any one politician. God help us if Obama decides to further emulate his dictator-hero Abe Lincoln!

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At 12/07/2008 8:24 AM, Anonymous fisherman said...

War mongering Bush? Well let me see what the 1000+ ghosts at the Twin Towers are moaning, today. " What did we do?We were just about to have a peaceful day in our worplace, in our city, in our state,in our country, and all hell ( war is hell)broke out.Wish we could see our family,again" Oh well we will surely see our deaths avenged.


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