July 02, 2008

McCain Cribs: Google Earth Tour

This fucker is loaded! $4 Million dollar condos and better. Karl Rove, the Bush Crime Family's top political hit man, is trying to push the story that Obama is out of touch with the American People... by using the exquisite menu at his last fundraiser as evidence. WOW!

Also Obama is being attacked for the discount he got on the loan for his $1 Million dollar home in Chicago. Are the republicans serious? Watch McCain's homes in this video and decide who's really out of touch with the American people. McCain is living lovely with beach-front homes and condos. I don't fault him for living the dream life, it's just that Obama who currently is not AS RICH is being attacked for it by the hypocritical Republicans (but I repeat myself).

BTW, Obama is a jackass for continuing the disastrous Bush policy of mixing Church and State with the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. Obama is also getting worse as this election year unfolds. I'm glad I'm not voting for either one.

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