July 18, 2008

Bush has gone Ape Shit

We're officially in a full fledged depression. Banks are falling off the map like flies, our currency is worthless, the economy is slowly grinding to a halt and this ass fuck George W. Bush wants to spark another war in the middle east. How does the Bush Crime Family plan on paying for another war?

Remember physics class... energy cannot be created nor destroyed. The same goes for money and any store of value. You may print more dollars but the value they hold will transfer to other currencies and commodities. The universe will always balance itself out. In other words, the Federal Government can't play God, can't fuck with God's rules and will not print their way out of this mess with more fake fiat dollars.

The fact that Bush continues to defy the rules of the universe now that he's wrecked our country proves he's gone ape shit, but who's the biggest dummy when the jerk has managed to stay in power and will probably sit out his entire second term without an impeachment!

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At 1/24/2009 10:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

he has done nothing wrong to get an impeachment. un like that jack ass will clinton we were dumb enough to vote in for 2 terms. now we have the worst president of all obama.

he will really fuck this country up. we might as well bend over so he can ass rape us like he is already doing and it hasnt even been a week and hes already fucked up. esp fucking up during his swearing in ceremony. heres a hint "WAIT UNTIL THE CHIEF JUSTICE IS FINNISHED SPEAKING BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH." obama should have taken better notes on past elections when other took the oath so he know how to fucking do it. when i saw that i was cracking up. and they said Former Peresident George W. Bush was bad.....this guys is WORSE....a trillion times worse!!!!!! when(not if)WHEN the economy goes down the tube i can safley say "i didnt vote for him"


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