June 27, 2008

Democrat Junk Mail

Its come to this. The Democrat Party keeps sending me junk mail trying to convince me to donate to their "cause". The first two instances I kindly sent a reply with the words "REMOVE ME" written on the donation slip. Well, those fuckers didn't get the message so now I'm sending them back my junk mail... the Winn Dixie specials, the Little Ceasar's Pizza coupons, the Jiffy Lube discount flyer... all of it. At least I tried to fill as much as I could until It was still barely able to seal the envelope with tape. I wonder how much postage this is this going to cost those fucks?

What's my beef? The most impeachable rat bastard in U.S. history is still sitting pretty in the white house as this gang of Democrat jack asses treat Bush like he's the teflon don. Cowards! They all swore oaths to protect the constitution, yet they are just protecting war criminals and murderers. We should bleed both the Democrats and the Republicans one postage-paid envelope at a time. I hope those jerks recycle my junk mail while their at it too.

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