May 26, 2008

True enemies of Liberty

You can trace the Bush Crime Family's bullshit all the way back to Alexander Hamilton (what is he doing on the $10 bill anyways?) who influenced Abe Lincoln's murdering antics and so on. But if you want the real story of how the power elite have manipulated us into these useless wars check out this long article by Murray Rothbard. The story is complex, detailed and eye-opening. Its summarized with this quote:
The House of Morgan, the Rockefellers, and the Kuhn-Loebs must take their place alongside the First, Second, and Third Internationals as the historic enemies of liberty.

Giant multinational corporations, and their economic satellites, in alliance with governments and the big banks, are in the process of extending their influence on a global scale: they dream of a world central bank, global planning, and an international welfare state, with American troops policing the world to guarantee their profit margins.

The whole article is worth a read if you truly want to dive deep into the truth of how we've inherited this hot steaming turd bucket called the U.S. government (and who's really to blame!)

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