May 04, 2008

Iron Man & Ghostface Killah

Iron Man Ghostface Killah First of all, even though Ghostface's scene in the new Iron Man movie was cut, Ghost still made an appearance. Watch for the scene in the beginning where Tony and War Machine get drunk on the Starks jet... you'll see Ghost.

In the film Robert Downey Jr. plays the kind of rat bastard character that I rag on in this blog. The multi-zillionaire, military-industrial-complex, war-profiteering, jackass donkey ball sucking jerk that feeds off the Bush Crime Family and the endless wars waged around the globe. But I'd be a liar if I didn't say Robert played the part of Tony Starks so well I kinda forgave him for it all. After all Tony Starks is Steve Jobs (with all of the Apple computer product placements and all.)

Rotten Tomatoes is proclaiming Iron Man as the best movie of the year and possibly the best comic book based movie EVER! I'll say Batman Begins is still a notch higher but both films are beasts for their own reasons. Its hard to compare them but its still a fucking great movie!

Oh yeah, look out for the Hugh Hefner and Mace Windu cameos.

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