February 06, 2008

Ron Paul Revolution Report Card

As of Super Tuesday here are Ron Paul's national results:
North Dakota:2,08221%53rd

With the other states, so far, Ron Paul garnered about less than 10% of the vote while placing 4th or lower. In these top races, with Paul snatching up close to 20% of the vote in a 4-way race you can see that he's got a powerful base of support that made a difference in the primaries. Had the races not all been "winner take all" you'd see Ron Paul banking more delegates.

So far these results are more than I expected from the Republicans but I'm not surprised either. Remember, this is the party that nominated and supported the Bush Crime Family: twice! Ron Paul even got booed at some Republican event for mentioning that Jesus was known as the Prince of Peace. He got booed for that!

The fight for liberty and peace was a tough one from the start. The D.C. sewer and the Military Industrial Gravy Train will not go down without a fight either. We're succeeding at waking up our fellow citizens this year. We now have a stronger foundation than ever before and have many successes that we will continue to build on.

I pray that Ron Paul will get some speaking time at the GOP convention in St. Paul and continue to stir up more support for our cause.

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