February 08, 2008

The coming collapse of the United States

Here's an incredible article detailing the progress in Vermont's secessionist movement. But the real kicker comes at the end:

...drawing a dark comparison between the Soviet Union and the United States: There is the same far-flung geography. The same corporate socialism that defies free markets. The same spread of influence worldwide through violence, murder, and pillage. The same stunted public discourse. The same electoral sclerosis in the legislature (Congress is almost as stable in membership as the Politburo). "No one in the Soviet Union in 1960 or 1970 or even 1980 found it imaginable that someday it would collapse," says Naylor. So, too, he says, is our certainty today in the stability of the United States of America.

If Ron Paul does not win the 2008 election will the US empire meet the same fate as the Soviet empire? If Vermont did peacefully succeed from the union would they be met with the same violence that the Confederate states suffered?

If you want real change in 2008 its time to learn a bit of history, unless we're doomed to repeat it with a McCain or Clinton presidency.

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