July 21, 2007

Love for Bush = Hate for Humanity

There are still fools out there who are so brainwashed by the bullshit from the Bush Crime Family that President Chimpy McNumbNuts still has about 30% of the American population approving of his performance.

At this point, July 2007, if you still like Bush it's for two reasons:

1) You are NOT paying attention and you don't know any better (I blame the Government Schools)


2) You DO know what's going on and you truly HATE humanity, liberty, decency, and peace, among other things.

That's it!

I ran into someone recently who was offended by my "Iwo Jima" shirt because I wore it at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the U.S. Army. They were offended that I'd wear a shirt protesting our foreign policy while I was in the presence of actual soldiers and military personnel. My basic response was, why the fuck are these soldiers "fighting for our freedom" (as I was told) if I, an American citizen, can't even exercise my right to free speech? (But I said it in much nicer terms)

Since the soldiers are forbidden from questioning our justifications for this illegal Republican War, I feel its the duty of "We the People" aka "Tax Payers" aka "Whose name this war is waged for" aka "Los Yankquis" to question our government and our foreign policy ON BEHALF of the soldier who volunteers his/her life in service to the State.

This person then went on to spew more of the Bush Crime Family's propaganda and I could see it in their face that their arguments for supporting the war and for having blind faith in President NumbNuts were falling apart from my barrage of facts, reason, and good ol' common sense. I suspect that this person is kind hearted and means well... they just haven't been paying attention like the rest of us have. I concluded that there are many great, kind, decent Americans out there who still support Bush, probably out of ignorance and mostly out of fear. My homework to you folks who love freedom, peace, human rights, decency, etc... is to reach out and find someone in the 30% and enlighten them.

Together we can chip away at the Bush Crime Family's support even more!

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At 10/13/2007 8:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a dumb democratic jackass and should not be allowed in society

At 10/28/2007 3:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow dude ur saying some controversol stuff...i agree and disagree at th same time!? but y wood u whear that shirt too the ceremony :P

At 1/18/2009 3:15 PM, Blogger Houmerlin said...

Out of curiosity, what facts are you basing your "Bush Crime Family" accusations on? What I find some funny is if it were Gore won 2000 OR Kerry won 2004 and put us in the Iraq war, every single person that HATES Bush and every single thing he says or does would think the decision to fight in Iraq is the best thing since sliced bread. Everyone bases their hatred for emotion on emotions the media has created, not facts. Personally I cant stand President Bush, but it is based on the fact I hate large government and out of control spending, which Bush has been a big proponent of, which leads me to the confusion of why Democrats, Liberals, what ever they are called, spew so much hatred and animosity towards the man. I mean seriously, the man has spent more money on welfare, Medicare, Medicaid and the AIDS global epidemic than Clinton, yet he is deemed the bastard child of Satan. Why is this? Anyone? Oh, because we are in Iraq. Hmm, anyone remeber Mogadishu and the semi-naked troops being dragged across the streets?


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