July 26, 2007

Jefferson would think Bush is a Rotten Bastard!

Jefferson Choking BushOr something of that sort. Can you imagine a time when our U.S. Presidents actually used common sense? In Thomas Jefferson's own words:

No one nation has a right to sit in judgment over another.

We wish not to meddle with the internal affairs of any country, nor with the general affairs of Europe.

I am for free commerce with all nations, political connection with none, and little or no diplomatic establishment. And I am not for linking ourselves by new treaties with the quarrels of Europe, entering that field of slaughter to preserve their balance, or joining in the confederacy of Kings to war against the principles of liberty.

We have produced proofs, from the most enlightened and approved writers on the subject, that a neutral nation must, in all things relating to the war, observe an exact impartiality towards the parties.

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.

Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations – entangling alliances with none.

I found this quote in this loooooong but inspiring article on how so-called Christians who continue to support the Bush Crime Family and their murderous wars are just full of shit! Complete with evidence from the Holy Bible itself, war is evil and idiotic. Check out this article for your self.

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