May 16, 2007

Ron Paul Kicks Everyone's ASS!

Despite the crowd of weirdo's at the 2nd Republican debate who cheered Rudy Guliani, any sane person will undoubtedly see that Ron Paul handed Rudy his ass on a plate for being ignorant about the causes of 9/11.

I've mentioned Ron Paul before in this blog and while I do not agree with him 100% of the time I do appreciate his presence in the presidential race.

Why do I even like the guy in first place? Check out that video above. Ron basically says that the Federal Reserve is robbing the poor and middle class of their spending power when the central bank pulls money out of its ass.

While everyone else is running their campaigns fearing dumb-fuck extremists who shit in caves, Ron Paul actually bases his campaign on shutting down this government thievery (among other things) that has gone on for too long.

Speaking of sound money, check out Ithaca's Hours. Imagine that... money that is actually worth something!

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