April 03, 2007

Catch a DIU from eating Bread?

Yes you can:

In other words, alcohol-free subjects who consumed bread or soft drinks were causing the machines to read up to .05% blood alcohol concentrations (readings are rounded off to closest 1/100th percentile). Furthermore, the slope detection system failed to screen the effects of mouth alcohol from alcohol coming from the lungs:

It is evident from these results that the slope detector feature was unable to distinguish mouth-alcohol concentrations at these very low levels.

What caused bread to register on breath machines as alcohol? The theory of the state lab’s experts:

Most baked products with listed contents indicating they contained yeast did in fact have some alcohol present. Alcohol is produced by the fermentation process in yeasts by their action on simple sugars used in preparing the dough….Although most of the alcohol in the dough is lost during the baking process, some is evidently retained in the matrix of the bread…

The state keeps trying to find new ways to crack down on human behaviour using robots, machines, and camera. Crime, Punishment, Justice... these are flexible terms that have changed over the years in our society. We need more than just reasonable minds to figure out how to run our justice system. But these new methods of allowing computers to determine who committed a crime opens the door for innocent people to get shitted on by the system.

Those stupid red-light traffic cameras are the same way. When it comes to DIU, speeding, and traffic laws it always feels like the state care more about taxing and raising revenue than actually trying to keep the streets safe.



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