March 25, 2007

Holy Shit! I wish it were 5% again!

In Thomas Jefferson's first inaugural speech he spoke of the principles of our government, many of which we have totally allowed our government's to abandon. Anyhow, check this one out as it's explained by Charley Reese:

The fourth was preservation of the general government in its whole constitutional vigor as the sheet anchor of peace at home and safety abroad. The original purpose of the constitutional government was to represent all the states in such things as foreign policy and war while, as James Madison put it, in time of peace doing only about 5 percent of the governing. Here again, we have strayed far.

Again, people (including me) do complain that presidential elections are too expensive and that too much money is involved in federal races. One of the main reasons is because there is too much power in the Federal Government! We have totally shitted on the 9th and 10th amendments of the constitution and allowed everything to get out of hand since the days of Thomas Jefferson.

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