February 16, 2007

50-50: Weed and Liquor video

Holy shit.. this is a good idea:

He claims to love the study of human behavior, and his best idea might be a little project called 50-50, in which he'll get 50 people in a room, have them drink booze till 4 a.m.—ambulance on site—and record the results. Then he'll replace the hooch with weed and do it all over again. Needless to say, the first night, full of fighting and flirting and puking, will probably make for better reality TV.

The idea is courtesy of Barry Cooper, the form narcotics officer turned anti-drug war advocate who is peddling his new DVD "Never Get Busted Again". Although giving out tips on how to fool drug warriors is fine by me but word on the street is that the ordering methods on his website make it difficult for an anonymous shopper to buy a copy. In this day and age you don't want the FEDS intercepting that kind of a transaction... then that's your ass.

Can't wait to see that 50/50 video. I'll gladly volunteer for the alcohol part!



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