January 22, 2007

Leaning towards Richardson for President...

Nuff' said:

Gov. Richardson's resume speaks for itself: a two-term governor of New Mexico, a key battleground state; a seven-term congressman; a former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations under Bill Clinton; a former Secretary of Energy under Bill Clinton; and a former chairman of the Democratic Governors' Association. He has executive, legislative and international experience, all essential ingredients for a successful president.

Richardson, as the only Hispanic contender, has the greatest chance of instituting immigration reform (he supports comprehensive immigration reform), he can win the Hispanic vote in swing states such as Florida and he can attract Republican moderate crossover voters. He has clout in energy policy, as the former energy secretary and proponent of alternate fuels to help solve America's oil dependency. He has cut taxes and expanded jobs in New Mexico and enjoys the libertarian Cato Institute's top ranking of any Democrat for fiscal and economic policy. Also, he would dominate New Mexico in any national election, a state that tilted toward Bush in 2004. Richardson's regional notoriety could shift Colorado and Arizona, both competitive Bush-leaning states.

Since Senator Russ Feingold (the only candidate I would have bent over backwards to get elected) announced he wasn't running I haven't seen any other Democratic candidate worth taking serious. Clinton, Obama, Edwards... nah, I'm not too excited (for various reason that I might explain latter). Still, (with the exception of Clinton) I'd vote for any Democrat over ANY Republican (with the exception of Ron Paul). I'm glad to see there's finally a candidate who I'd consider advocating for in the upcoming elections: Bill Richardson.

I'll admit that I don't know too much about Bill Richardson at this point, but based and what's out there he's more qualified and experienced for handling the executive branch than the gang of senators who are seeking the presidency. Also, I checked out Bill's intro video in spanish and I'm glad to see a serious candidate who can articulate fluently en espaƱol. The Bush brothers piss me off when they speak their choppy-ass spanish. I also appreciate his respect for state's rights and his ability to negotiate with dictators and weirdos on an international level. A skill we desperately need after watching Dubya McChimpy and Secratary of State Chevron Rice diplomatically shit on just about everyone on earth.

Remember, we're not governed by angels and none of these candidates are saints, they all have their personal problems and potential downfalls. The best candidate for me is ultimately... me! Anyways... unless I find out otherwise, I'll say that Bill Richardson's the candidate I can tollerate the most. He's unfortunately a drug warrior, but I'll settle for that if it means Energy Independence becomes a top priority of the White House.

Still I know better than to depend on the federal government to solve my problems, much less the president.



At 1/23/2007 12:33 PM, Blogger LP said...

One reason Richardson speaks Spanish so fluently is that he grew up in Mexico City.


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