July 12, 2006

WAR: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, USA, Israel, India

Read the following headlines in order and you'll see a horrible story being told. Then read the stories, connect the dots, see the bigger picture emerge, then finally hold on to your butts. Summer 2006 is getting uglier:

  • Israel prepares for widespread military escalation

  • Israel calls Hezbollah capture of soldiers act of war

  • U.S. blames Syria, Iran for kidnappings

  • Iran referred back to Security Council

  • Analyst warns of further Middle East violence

  • Violence 'out of control' in Baghdad -- 50 die in a day

  • Iraqi politicians say it's now a civil war

  • Death toll in Bombay attacks rises to 200

  • All of these articles were published TODAY, Wednesday July 12th 2006. In one day we saw a ton of bad news that promises to create more violence and conflict. The War hawks want to have it their way and in the end another multi-billion dollar contract will be awarded to the weapon-makers, the gun runners, the bullet manufacturers, and the death merchants.

    Is this how our society will continue to use our natural resources? For more WAR?


    At 7/13/2006 1:40 AM, Blogger Fares said...

    My emotional take on the events in Lebanon

    sorry kind of long, read 3rd section if you want quick.
    only people with hearts and brains can read, no need for hyprocrites.
    Appreciate your feedback.

    At 7/13/2006 2:43 PM, Blogger chico-towner said...

    "we don't need oil to prosper, we just need freedom, education and hard work, less corruption, opression and suicidal conflicts that don't get us any where."

    Great post! Great quote!

    At 7/14/2006 10:12 PM, Blogger betmo said...

    my theory is- that we are using israel to start shit with lebanon and syria so we can isolate iraq. we are using japan to bully north korea and things are ugly all over the world.


    it is all part of 'the plan.'

    At 7/15/2006 11:28 AM, Blogger chico-towner said...

    Betmo, that 'plan' requires Billions of Dollars from our national treasury and that of those countries that will retaliate. War, turmoil, chaos, confict, they all mean PROFITS for the NeoCons in the end.


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