June 27, 2006

U.S. prepares for WAR in the Pacific

President Ike Eisenhower cautiously warned us of the possible emergence of the Military Industrial Complex. Today, big corporations like Halliburton and GE taking in BILLIONS just about each time our Armed Forces lift a finger. You can imagine that they will ensure that we will continue to swallow the costs of this never-ending warfare, with our tax dollars and our lives.

The U.S. just completed the largest military exercise in the Pacific Ocean since the Vietnam war. With North Korea showing off its new Nuclear missiles, we showed off our warships, planes, and missiles too. Guess who paid for the fuel, personnel, weapons, and all the disgusting costs of this international pissing contest? Yeah the citizens of the USA, North Korea, and all the other nations overrun by tyrants and rat bastards at the mercy of the weapon makers and the big oil cartels.

Its gonna get uglier folks. We were mesmerized by G.I. Joe and Rambo for too long, now federal spending is out of control and so is the heartbreaking loss of lives in the name of corporate profits.


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