June 01, 2006

Rolling Stone: BUSH stole the Presidency!

I've been writing about the stolen 2004 election for the longest. Now that Republicans are waking up to the horrors of this administration they can see the real face of the Bush Crime Family. Rolling Stone's new article drops so much evidence that you'd have to be in the 29% (the backwash) of the lunatics who still support Bush to continue to deny the theft of the 2004 presidential elections.

Check out this quick quote:
''When you look at the numbers, there is a tremendous amount of data that supports the supposition of election fraud,'' concludes Freeman. ''The discrepancies are higher in battleground states, higher where there were Republican governors, higher in states with greater proportions of African-American communities and higher in states where there were the most Election Day complaints. All these are strong indicators of fraud -- and yet this supposition has been utterly ignored by the press and, oddly, by the Democratic Party.''

The Rolling Stone article goes into detail about every aspect of the theft, every player who was involved, and the raw evidence that screams of this crime by the Bush Republicans. After reading it I hope those of you who haven't been inspired to take action yet, do so as of now!


At 6/02/2006 8:53 AM, Blogger pissed off patricia said...

Now we have confirmation of what we already thought. But what's to keep it from happening again in 08?


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