May 19, 2006

Republican Congress: Racist & Hateful

Those Republicans in congress are up to their old tricks:
The Senate has approved a Republican proposal to designate English as the national language of the United States.
... the proposal declares that no one has "a right, entitlement, or claim to have the government of the United States or any of its officials or representatives act, communicate, perform or provide services or provide materials in any language other than English."

Over at, bink said it the best:
America is a country that is founded -- not on the basis of ethnicity, culture, race, religion or language -- but on the basis of a political philosophy that is expressed in our founding documents, primary among them The Constitution.

What makes us Americans is not that we all speak English. It's certainly not that we all have European ancestors. Or that we all come from, live in or are going to the same place.

What makes us Americans is that we believe, by consensus, in The Constitution. We believe that this document constitutes our nation. We believe that this document is what our country is.

Americans do not assert a "blood and soil" right to citizenship based on membership of any national group. The French, the Germans, the British have a national identity that is intertwined with the history of a people living on a certain plot of land. (Yes, I know that this, too, is a fiction.) The French, German and English languages play a role in constituting the "nationhood" of French, German and English people.

Americans have left all of that behind.

"English" cannot be the official language of the America I know, just as "White" cannot be the official skin color. Such designations are beneath The Constitution. They are beneath the spirit of this country. They limit us. They lessen us.

I personally believe that the congress is violating the 10th Amendment of the Constitution and stepping on the toes of the States and the local governments.

Here in Miami, the official languages are English/Spanish/Creole with most government documents and notices provided and all three languages. The Republicans Senators claim this proposal was "symbolic" just to cover their asses but like Senator Reid said the proposal was just racist!

I agree that The Constitution and our belief in Liberty binds us as Americans, not the language. As long as we live honest lives, contribute to society, and pay our taxes, it shouldn't matter what language we speak. This is the land of liberty and opportunity, not white English speakers.


On another note, how about them Clippers? I want to see Miami and the Clippers in the finals. Lets see what happens.


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