May 15, 2006

Obie Trice: Detroit's violence and the Auto industry conspiracy

On Obie Trice speaks on the recent surge in violence:
"The climate is like 150 degrees homie, it's hot," says Obie Trice of the atmosphere in his home town. It's been that way though, it's just touching close to home now."

Quick to dismiss the suggestion that the violence in his city is being fueled by rappers and hip-hop, he explains the other factors -- such as a local economic crisis that resulted from the automobile industry leaving town -- have added to an overall aggressive attitude there.

"Aint no money in the city, niggas is broke," Trice laments. "The city's in a $130 million deficit right now. People are getting laid off."

The Detroit, Michigan / Windsor, Ontario metro areas depend heavily on the Auto industry and I've heard that there are already plans to move a few factories down to Mexico. When you pull the rug from under an entire community it can get ugly. I hope Obie Trice, Eminem, and D12 (R.I.P. Proof) can enlighten the rest of us on this situation.

On that note, if inner-city high school kids from Philly can build a hybrid sports car why can't the fucking egghead engineers at GM, Ford, or Chrysler do the same? When 8 of the top 10 corporations on the fucking planet are in the auto/oil business you can imagine that they must be partly responsible for preventing the advent of alternative/renewable energy and vehicles! Shell & GM put on a show but I haven't heard shit since then.

Auto sales are sagging and Detroit is feeling the pain.

[Update]: Check out a real 100+ MPG car. Again, after-market parts and ambitious citizens shit on the Auto industry's lack of initiative.


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