May 04, 2006

Mr. T defends Immigrants: Fight for your Rights!

Okay, seriously... If you don't speak Spanish then you wouldn't know that it's a funny video of a guy acting like Mr. T talking about oranges, non using stunt doubles, and being the composer of the A-Team theme song. But the captions and the funny video are worth watching.

I personally took the day off on May 1st in support of immigranta rights. Even Carlos Mencia got involved in the immigration issue by criticizing those who brought foreign flags to the demonstrations. I personally waved the Colombian Flag way up high. To be an American, in my opinion, is not to wave and defend symbols but to fight for the principles our country was founded on, namely Liberty and Justice!

(And yes, I still think banning flag-burning is retarded because you place the symbol above the principle.)


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