May 15, 2006

Mr. 29% bends over for extreme wackos

This past weekend I went canvassing to bring awareness to local residents about the upcoming mid-term elections and our choices on the ballot. Long story short, even republicans are pissed at Bush's administration (he's down to 29% approval). But the number 1 issue on most of their minds is... drum roll please... (drummmmmm) the ECONOMY! There was a young republican guy who said to us "The economy really sucks, and the gas prices too". He reluctantly admitted he was still a registered republican and had no plans to switch anytime soon yet still confessed he'd vote Democrat in November.

Basically if El Presidente Bush wants to bounce back from his all-time low 29% approval rating he needs to start tackling the gas prices and sagging wages.

What, you mean Bush is having a big speech tonight at 8pm EST live from the oval office? About what? The Economy?

NO... Sending the National Guard to the Mexican border! Honestly, who the fuck cares about catching a few extra border-jumpers when there are so many other important issues at hand? Who cares? Yes, you guessed it, the extreme right-wing, minute men, racist, paranoid, "the little brown people take our jobs" whining motherfuckers.

Bush doesn't want to do what's right for the country, he wants to shore up support with the "backwash" fanatics. Even decent Republicans who respect this country know Bush is wrong, I saw that for myself.

Photo of minute men courtesy of Orcinus.


At 5/16/2006 10:47 AM, Blogger pissed off patricia said...

Bush is playing to that small group of people who still don't think his shit stinks. Why? I have no idea. Those people would shoot themselves if he told them to. So why bother with them,instead of doing something that will help our whole pathetic country

At 5/16/2006 11:37 AM, Blogger chico-towner said...

They live in a wierd bubble. Remember the old saying "Reality is perception" and their reality is warped and twisted beyond belief. How do you remove hate and fear from someone's heart?

The Jesus / MLK / Ghandi answer would be "with love". I hope more of us can reach out to those folks and bring 'em back to our world.


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