April 12, 2006

The real reason for invasion?

Here's a quick one sent in by Frank J. Gonzalez (candidate for congress who'll defeat Lincoln Diaz-Balart in Florida's 21st District) :

The U.S. invaded Iraq...to stop Saddam Hussein from pricing oil in euros. Oil is quoted in dollars. Since the entire world is forced to buy oil, it must exchange local currencies for dollars to do so. This is the real source of America's imperial finance: it exchanges dollars at par, and then gradually devalues them by diluting the world's supply with more. "An exorbitant privilege," said Charles de Gaulle. Saddam Hussein was taken out by U.S. forces because he threatened the empire's money.

Source: Bill Bonner from "Today's Daily Reckoning" Newsletter, dated 1/18/6

One of the many reasons why we went to war with Iraq. Some traditional conservatives (not retarded Bush Republicans) build their ideology heavily on economic matters and they know that inflation of our currency is never a good thing. The Bush Crime Family rapes our national treasury, any private savings accounts you may have will loose value, the rich get richer and your ass will be filling out Wal-Mart applications when you turn 65 because your money lost all it's "buying power".



At 4/14/2006 1:07 PM, Blogger Kathleen Callon said...

Nice. Thirty to forty thousand dead because of the Euro? AAAGGGGHHHHHHHH!


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