March 22, 2006

Major Radio Stations love the fake War...

...and they hate real Hip Hop!

From (posted by Davey D):
Why Did Major Radio Stations Try & Silence This Man and His Music?

With the 3rd anniversary of this ridiculous war in Iraq upon us.. ask yourself how come major radio stations around the country including stations in Los Angeles ignored and Blackout this Anti-War record produced by Fredwreck.

He’s always been a political type of guy so he got a bunch of West Coast artists together around the start of the Iraq War and they dropped this Anti-war song which they offered up for free download..

They had apress conference and pout out a press release, but then all the big stations which normally play many of the artists featured on this song suddenly went dumb and tried to act like it doesn’t exist..

Pure bullshit! The cowards at the radio stations play only the crap like "Laffy Taffy" but skip on something that reflects the opinions of a majority of Americans. The war is wrong, Hip Hopers are against it, what are the radio stations scared of?

Peep the song here!

Track Features: Everlast, Tray Deee, Defari, Daz, J-Ro, RBX, Soopafly, Bad Azz, WC, Dilated Peoples, Mac Minister

Track Produced By: Fredwreck


At 3/24/2006 9:11 AM, Blogger pissed off patricia said...

A lot of crazy shit happened when this war began. People became patriotic zombies.

At 3/27/2006 12:52 PM, Blogger Kathleen Callon said...

PoP sure has that right... too bad the right people don't realize this is what people want to hear. System of the Down and Green Day reached number one with anti-war songs, and I bet hip hop could, too, if only the right songs got played.

(Guess what? My sis-in-law is on Egyptian Lover's new album (I worship him and have it playing right now)... keep going with your music. I've been listening to it, too. I'm not in the biz, but I have an ear... if you turned up the vocals, added a couple layers, maybe sratching or samples, I think you could really have something. Hope all is well.)



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