March 09, 2006

Eminem can sue Bush for torture?

Ain't this some shit?
This past December, reports surfaced that detainees in a prison nearby Afghanistan were being tortured with Slim Shady's music. Now word is the Blonde lyricist's sounds are being used for similar reasons in Guantanamo Bay. Director Michael Winterbottom told Slim that officials play his tracks as a form of punishment to inmates. Winterbottom's The Road To Guantanamo details the life of four British inmates at Camp X-Ray.

"Music by Eminem was apparently used most of the time," Winterbottom revealed. Clifford Stafford Smith, who is presently attempting to bring a case against the US government's mistreatment of prisoners added, "Eminem would have good grounds for suing the government over abuse of his copyright."

I say, hell yeah, sue the government Em! Make a big stink about it in the press, take em to court, raised hell and bring awareness to the crimes against humanity that are being perpetrated in our name. The Geneva Conventions were created to protect human beings caught up in the horrors of wars between nations and the ruling elite (honestly, who else wages these wars in the first place?).

We need to win hearts and minds, show the world that fighting for freedom and civil liberties is the ultimate goal for a progressive society. But torturing ANY human being is taking step back to a "medieval" mind-set. The torture policy of Bush and his "Justice" Department is creating more enemies than we can handle.

Eminem loves the publicity but maybe the "retired" emcee might not take this opportunity to sue and expose the Bush Crime Family. But lets hope he does!


At 3/11/2006 10:12 AM, Blogger Tina said...

I haven't been by to read ya for a few days... but it would be FABULOUS if Mr Mathers got his head out of those 2nd time around wedding clouds with that crazy coked up baby mama of his and sued BushCo's asses off.


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