March 01, 2006

Chuck and Bambaataa puttin' suckers in their place...

Hip Hop legends, Chuck D and Africa Bambaataa held a Zulu Nation meeting last week to discuss the current problems in our Hip Hop community. In particular that attacked the corporate-owned radio stations that play 24 hours of poison and bullshit. This is what Chuck and Africa had to say (courtesy of
"If you're playing 50 Cent, we want to hear Common Sense," said Bambaataa. "If you play Missy Elliot, we want to hear Sonic Force. If you play Sean Paul, we want to hear Bob Marley."

That's all you hear is a mixture of a thug life and children," said Chuck D. "How you going to make a club song and your marketing campaign is aimed at a 14-year-old? Why? A 14-year-old can't get into the goddamn club. And not only is it a club, it's a strip club. So what the hell does an 11-year-old who rushes home from school to turn on the radio or television know about strip clubs anyway?

Honest to God, what would it hurt these mainstream artists to drop one or two progressive tracks on their albums? Are they being pimped THAT BAD by their label's that they are reduced to being modern minstrel shows?

Look, just give us one track to start off... we'll take anything at this point.

Hey Ying Yang Twins, how about mentioning CONDOMS the next time you want to Skeet Skeet Skeet?

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