February 05, 2006

Rubbing it in!

Just wanted to rub it in some more, Bush's failure is off the meters. There is NO WAY in hell that you can continue to support and defend the Bush Crime Family unless:
A) You are NOT paying attention and you don't know any better, or
B) You ARE paying attention and you foam at the mouth at the sight of murdered humans, pollution, lies, scandal, hate, bigotry, cronyism, violations of national security, unconstitutional dictator-like activity, and the butchering of the English language by Bush in his speeches.

For all of you Bush-lovers who creep through the reality-based blogs, which group are you in, A or B?

Otherwise, if you agree that this fucker needs to be peacefully and legally removed from office then get your State legislature to initiate the first blow or campaign your ass off to remove the republicans from congress in November 2006. It's all on you!


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