February 09, 2006

Bush supporters are HATEFUL sacks of shit!

The Bush Hate Cult ruins a teacher's career for mentioning "peace"...

HATEFUL!!!! Damn....

  • Not even Dave Chappelle's "Playa Hater Ball" can match this level of hate!

  • This bunch is so hateful they need their own word because "HATE" isn't hateful enough to describe their hate!

  • They're so hateful that Satan would win a Nobel Peace Prize by default if Satan and them were the only folks left on Earth!

  • They're so hateful that when compared to their hate, "kicking puppies" is considered a kind and loving activity.

  • They're so HATEFUL that they drink hater-ade out of hate cups in a hate house with a hateful lawn that hates the worms as much as they hate you and everyone you know! They're HATEFUL!

    Ok, here's the scoop: An elementary school teacher mentioned the word "peace" when her students were discussing the topic of the Iraq war. The teacher, Deb Mayer, explained to her class about the concept of a peace march, and so forth. Some kid then goes home and tells the parents who happen to be HATEFUL Bush-supporters, so naturally they get pissed. Soon the teacher gets fired, the school's "Peace Month" gets canceled, the teacher is all of the sudden accused of SEXUAL HARASSMENT, and can't shake the false accusation from her permanent record in order to FIND ANOTHER JOB!

    They ruined her life for mentioning "PEACE"! What did Coretta and Dr. King fight and die for? PEACE! A teacher mentions a different point of view regarding the war, one that protects LIFE, and she is banned and labeled as a sexual predator.

    What country is this?

    "Culture of life" my dick! The Bush Crime Family and their Cult of HATE-mongerers hate life, humanity, peace, justice, and our freedom of speech. They hate us for our freedom!


    At 2/10/2006 4:37 PM, Blogger Kathleen Callon said...

    This is sad. No "God" in schools and no "Peace" in schools equals no freedom in schools (unless you support the Reich).

    At 2/11/2006 3:51 PM, Blogger chico-towner said...

    Its truly a sad story. What kind of hate would someone have in their heart to mastermind such a horrible way to kill a teacher's career for advocating for peace?


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