January 12, 2006

Real ID as useful as Paris Hilton

And the world can definitely live without dumb-ass Paris Hilton... and those horrible Real ID's. Libertarians hate them because they are a waste of money and they invade our privacy. Democrats SHOULD hate them for the privacy issue. Republicans... suck. We'll to be fair, having national ID's is some shit the Soviet Union would do, for the sake of Ronald Reagan's legacy (*yawn*) this would be counterproductive and Republicans should oppose it too (if not they really suck). All other political parties should oppose Real ID's for these reasons also:
"“Civil liberties groups, conservative groups, immigration groups,– we'’ve all been warning that Real ID will be a real disaster and needs to be revisited by Congress,"” said ACLU Legislative Counsel Timothy Sparapani. "“This time Congress needs to do it right and actually hold hearings, listen to all the different interests and real-world practical difficulties, and give it an up-or-down vote, none of which happened when it was rammed through last spring."”
Whoever you are, what ever you believe, opposing the REAL IDs is a serious cause that you need to get involved in NOW before it's too late and your ass will be stuck carrying an RFID chip and subjecting to Big Brother's watchful eye.


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