January 10, 2006

Open up Cuba... we need the jobs!

Frank Gonzalez, a Libertarian-minded candidate for Congress, is pushing hard to end the 40-year embargo on Cuba because "it is unethical, unconstitutional and economically unwise." The economic reasons are spelled out in this CBS report with the following quotes:
...it makes sense for American businessmen to get a foot in the door. "The people who are selling food now know that this is an island with 11 ½ million people besides Fidel Castro and when Fidel Castro is no longer in power those 11 ½ million people are still going to be here."

Tim Lynch, who holds a doctorate in economics and is director of the Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis at Florida State University, has predicted that free trade with Cuba could generate $50 billion and 900,000 jobs for the United States over a 20-year period.

Republican and Democratic governors from several states have already struck million-dollar deals with Cuba to sell US-grown products. In a Foster's Online article you'll notice a funny quote from a pissed off Republican who is against trading with Cuba, check out his reasons:

"Fidel Castro has now been in power for over 40 years, and he has never held an election, tolerated other options than his own, nor allowed basic freedoms, including freedom of the press and of assembly for the citizens of Cuba," Gregg said in a prepared statement. "He has imprisoned thousands of Cubans, and he is setting up to have his brother succeed him as a despot and a dictator, so it is hard to understand why we would reward him with lifting the embargo presently in place."

What's funny is that you can replace "Fidel Castro" with "George W. Bush" in that statement and you have a damn near perfect description of Dubya! (Give or take a few facts)


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