January 25, 2006

All it takes is ONE State for Impeachment!

Holy Mother of God, this is why blogs exists...

Don't expect the Traditional Media outlets to report this sort thing. A blogger over at DailyKos.com put together a good case for impeaching the Bush Crime Family based on precedents set by the State of Florida in impeaching a federal judge. Here's what the rules say according to arbortender:
Pages 314-315 of the House Rules for the 109th Congress, incorporating Jefferson's Manual, which the House uses as a supplement to its standing rules, read as follows:

Section 603. Inception of impeachment proceedings in the House.
In the House there are various methods of setting an impeachment in motion:
by charges transmitted from the legislature of a State (III, 2469)

In the blog post by arbortender you'll see a full set of articles of impeachment too. I you need to do is fill in the blanks with the name of your home State and submit it to your legislator. Lets see which State legislature has the cojones to hit the Bush Crime Family first. Could it be yours? Only you can decide. (That means get off your ass and do something!)


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